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YJ steering linkage on an MJ

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We were having some problems with the toe changing when the body lifted on our MJ. The factory linkage is kind of a wishbone setup, and probably not the best. We decided to change to the setup used on the YJs where you have a solid rode between the tires and a link going up to the steering box. The toe is set with the solid rod and will not change with body movement in relation to the axle.


I used parts from a 90 YJ, you have to purchase the tie rod, the end on the drivers side, the adjusting link for the tierod, and a new rod to go from the tie rod to the steering box. You can reuse two of the existing ends.


The part numbers i purchased from Rock Auto were






I think it ended up costing me about $100 to make the change.

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It does look good, and the price is reasonable. I have used the 1 ton Chevy stuff on other trail rigs, but the tapers were bigger than the Jeep tuff, so you had to reem everything out. This looks like a nice solution. Parts Mike sells the chevy setup for $250, but he will make custom lenghts.

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If anyone goes with the Rugged Ridge Kit which is a very nice kit But you will Have to replace the Tie rod End boots and change them to a Poly Boot if you have not done so already...


When you do change them you will notice a major change in the performance of the steering as the Poly Boots will make the bar's tighter and not give you the sloppy steering feel even though the steering is not sloppy, as it is just some roll in the Tie rod which gives you that movement...

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