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how to put on Lower Control Arms "Dad's easy way"

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Dad and I where replacing the LCAs and they where being stubborn as usual so Dad came up with this idea. He used his small bottle jack to move the axle until it lined up properly and we where able to push the bolt in without any problems.


this is one way to do it, if you have another way that works just as well please share :yes:






those where actually our extra set we ended up needing to use that weekend. because it had been raining all week the ground gave way and the jeep fell of the jack stands. (and the stands where on pads)





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Any surface that is soft tends to sink in. I have a cracked skull (knocked my right eye out of socket) from doing this on concrete when the Duvall quake of '95 hit. Even sudden wind gusts can push things around more than you would think.

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