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  1. carnuck

    Temp. Registration and a neighbor.

    I had some mental defects steal my registrations for both Comanches while I was moving and I haven’t found out what they do with them yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. carnuck

    6.5” coil springs in SE-PA. $60

    Right now I’m trying to decide whether to keep my Comanche and keep one or sell both with the spare parts. Third time now that my place has been broken into and all my tools and new parts taken. They tried for my truck too but left the battery on by not knowing the alarm code so they triggered it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. carnuck

    6.5” coil springs in SE-PA. $60

    I could have picked them up while passing through to Seattle to clean out my storage! Shoot!
  4. Still have your bed liner?

  5. carnuck

    Second Louey

    I found an old photo of Sarge (my first ‘88 shortbox 4.0L converted to auto 4x4, SOA D35 3.73 gears and 33” tires) The other photo is the ‘00 XJ doors from a 2dr that I plan to use on an as yet not purchased longbed MJ with my shortbed and rear of the ‘88 shortbox cab grafted on. (No floors and possibly compromised frame but it’s 4.0L)
  6. carnuck

    J10 Truck info

    The full size didn’t come with full time 4x4 with stick transmissions from the factory. Dana 20 with 6 lug wheels and std trans until ‘80 Model year. They switched from RH drop front axle to LH in ‘80 and the NP219 was available for 2 years with std trans and 4.2L but rarely. The viscous coupler didn’t like the shock loads. Most standard trans after ‘79 came with NP208AM as a combo. The 727 and 999 Auto ones ‘80+ came with NP219 (80-early ‘82) and was called Quadratrac but was more like a Quasi trac and not to be confused with the Borg Warner 1339 used before ‘80 and only with TH400 automatic ‘73-‘79. Better than full time 4x4 NV249 but not by much other than being able to lock 4 hi when needed. NP208 was part time Commandtrac with no internal coupler or differential and often came with locking hubs. And there was NP229 Selectrac used in 90% of the ‘83+ FSJs till the end in Sept ‘91 except ‘86ish which got NP228 (same Selectrac as NP229 but no viscous coupler, like a non-posi axle)
  7. carnuck

    Fun game... Name that diff

    ‘76 Honda Civic
  8. carnuck

    Tapatalk login error

    The pull down tab with the error at the top of the page is missing the closing html arrow.
  9. carnuck

    Need Quick Trans Feedback

    The integral slave gives me pause and AX-15 second gear won’t like the 302 if you’re rough on it, but T-5WC doesn’t have a 4x4 version and the lighter duty non-WC ones were wrecked easily with a 2.8 V6. Don’t know about a NV3550 adapter for low cost but the Mazda 5 speed with 31 spline NP208F would be fun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. carnuck

    89 Renix 4.0 Automatic engine wiring harness

    I started swapping mine out from a ‘90 before I moved to VA in Jan. I need to get back to it next week but the trans and tcase harness are on a separate plug. I’m bypassing the C101 connector in my ‘88. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. carnuck

    J10 Truck info

    If the oddball 3 speed std then it’s T15 or T86. 4 speed should be T18 (4:1 or 6:1 first gear if T18a) with Dana 20 tcase. D20 was used until ‘80 with std trans then NP208 and Other 23 spline shallow input NP tcases with 727 or 999 Mopar automatics. 6 lug wheels mean ‘74+ with disc front and power brakes. D44 open knuckle front and RH offset rear in J10 until ‘80. D60 rear in J20 with 8 lug and rare-ish rear duallies were available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. carnuck

    Should I buy it?

    The 230 doesn’t have a MPEFI setup here but until 2004? They were used in IKA Torino’s in Argentina and Chile. It should be D44 closed knuckle front and rear can be 2 piece axle D44 or D53 (hard to get upgrades and axle bearings but precursor to D60-2 and super low geared) The early front frame needs beefed up for power steering to mount. The ohc motor is still popular-ish with the M715 crowd but many died because oils pre-zinc were too weak to save the cams. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. carnuck

    Reusing a Comanche "frame"

    The ‘90 longbox I was going to graft 12” of my ‘88 MJ cab’s rear onto so I could use the short box and 2dr XJ doors on it turned out to be too rusty for me to do that. Someone wants the back portion of the bed to chop down for practice shortening his but it has the rear X-section up to the driver’s seat that I considered making a trailer from but again, lack of lifetime left to do it all means stuff is going away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. carnuck

    would you wheel it

    We used to do stuff like that years ago. We did a ‘61 Chrysler Saratoga with a hemi and 4 speed on an IH truck frame. A Javelin (floor was rotted) with tilt front on a Suburban frame. I Currently have a Saturn SL2 and a Spirit hatchback turned into an Eagle plus a J10 shortbox frame that could make a fun toy if combined. AMC 304 with 727 or AW4 (already balanced the flexplate for it) with a NP219am (quasi-trac) tcase and Wagoneer drivetrain. (Have an ‘82 Wag Shell with axles too unless they sell next week) It would have to be someone else’s project now. I will have an ‘89 MJ and an ‘84 J10 Sportside with 4.0L, AW4 and 242 tcase in each.
  15. carnuck

    Stuck in open loop

    I recall someone not in the know spraying old school silicone lube on O2 sensors before installing. Poisoned it right out of the box!