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  1. robbie95

    Comanche Coin

  2. robbie95

    Fender flare.

    Looking for the oem front driver side fender flare.
  3. is the front driver side fender flare the same as a 91 mj? I'd buy that off you.
  4. I settled with them today, took a while, but i feel like it was a good settlement, should be enough to fix it.. and have a little left over for some other stuff.
  5. Sorry guys, holidays, and bunch of other stuff going on.. I appreciate all the help! Gonna take the advice and hit the junkyard soon.. Just wasn't sure what all the parts were called.
  6. So few days ago, guy ran a stop sign and i ran into the side of him, luckily no one was hurt.. but the jeep took a little damage. His insurance wants to total it, but I can't see where the value of one of these is only 1500 dollars.. Long story short, I'm going to get as much i can from his insurance company and fix the damage myself. I just need you guys to help me locate some parts.. I know I'm going to need a new bumper, grille, turn signal lamp, fender and a few other things. If anyone has anything laying around that they're looking to get rid of, pm me, I'll gladly take it off your hands! This is the damage she took.
  7. lol yeah, this "cheap jeep" thing is a joke... still enjoyed both videos though
  8. exact thing happened to me, took a dremel to it, cut the castle nut, then just replaced the track bar.
  9. anyone have a link to better window cranks? I keep breaking the little knobs left and right, figure there has to be a better aftermarket one.
  10. Yeah, I plan on just letting it clatter away for now if it isn't anything major. Gonna put a new engine in it hopefully within the next couple years.
  11. I just went out and bought a gauge to read it so hopefully its pretty close to accurate. Revving it up I'm seeing betweeen 65-70. I've never had problems with the trucks, just recently started hearing a ticking and its driving me nuts, its always been a little noisy but this noise is new.
  12. alright, so i think its pretty high... on startup its between 50-55 psi that was after a 5 min drive to the auto store btw.
  13. running mobil 10w-40 full synthetic, not sure. How would I check that?
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