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    I hunt, fish, camp, and wheel a little bit. I am a Mountainman, do things as it would have been done in 1800's. Fun times.
    I am retired now and it is tough to have 6 Saturdays and one Sunday.
    I spent 20 years in the Navy on Submarines. I figured I spent about 9 years underwater. Some people ask me why I am the way I am, I LOL.

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  1. Submariner

    wiper arm issues, dang plastic

    going to be that you need to buy a broke one to have in the back yard for parts. I am going to the next swap meet. http://www.moonshinersjeepclub.com/swapmeet/swapmeet.htm
  2. OK, my wiper has a bump, thump, or knock. as the motor goes round the arm is loose in it connection at the piece that goes to each wiper . there is a plastic piece that slips over the ball joint of the arm. It is worn to the point that is has about a 1/16" play. just enough to be annoying, hence the bump, thump, or knock. Does any one know where or if I can procure three of these. probable should get 6 cause not only does my comanche have this problem but also my 97 cheorkee. same part. It is the black piece in the middle picture. the first picture is the wipper motor and arm. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Truck started. not sure why. PFM beat the bottom of the tank redone the ground at the taillight disconnected the the connection that goes to the fuel pump and reconnected it removed the bypass for the ballast resistor and reinstalled it. I am thinking that it was PFM, ole submarine term, Pure Fu#$ing Magic. But it started and is running as we speak. When I put it down in a few weeks for upgrade to 4wd, a new fuel pump is on the list now for replacement. I am so temped to pull all the wiring and replace only what is needed to make her go around the block. get rid of all the extra stuff that is in there like A/C, electric windows, cruise and other stuff that is not needed. That is one of the many things that I am contemplating in the near future.
  4. I used the wires that go to each side of the Ballast resistor. I did a volt test and I was 12.28 volts at the battery. got 1 volt at the ballast resister wires. ran a hot wire from the battery to the resistor wires and nothing happened but the click or i should say a thump in the back and a click at the egr
  5. ok, I will try the "hit the bottom of the tank" in the morning. I have a standby egr valve to test the old one. and I will see what happens when I turn the key on, I will get an assistant. So hwat is easier to replace the fuel pump. Take the bed off or drop the tank? right now the tank is full of course. lol ain't that the way it is. And can I use a fuel pump from a 89 Cherokee to replace it.
  6. What is this? When I put 12 volts to the wire that goes to the fuel pump, this clicks. I am not getting any fuel pump action yet. could not get to the back of the truck today. In the morning i will get after it. I am not get any power to the connections to the resistor. I checked with a volt meter. I do have tail light, turn signals and brake lights
  7. and I can't type either, ogt fat fingers and I am old
  8. i will check that. about two weeks ago I put in a trailer light hookup. I wonder if I screwed something up then and it finally is giving me fits. Thanks for the idea
  9. first i am driving a 88 Comanche, 4.0 5 sp 2wd (right now) It has been going good, starting right up and going down the road. now it just cranks. towed it home. It has been raining cats and dogs, I have water on the floor boards. I need to find the leak, latter. Now no fuel pressure in the rail. by pass the resistor, nothing. I have not put a hot wire to the fuel pump yet, ran out of day light. I have been having fuse issues in the last few days, gages not working, heater core not working, wiggle fuses and it ok. now this. I need some suggestions on what to start with besides pulling out the fuel pump. and where is the fuel pump anyway? in the tank i bet. Any suggestions would be helpful
  10. I got a lead on a dana 44 with 3.73 gears from a 99 grand cherokee to swap into my 88 mj. how much of that it going to have to change the perches and shock mounts. He only want $75 for it. Suggestions and recommedations please.....
  11. well I guess i will put my project on hold until the write up. Sounds like he has a lot better plan then I do. I will get a donor door and have it in hot stand by ready to start. Thanks for all the replies
  12. I am looking for any info on changing out the window/vent from my 88 comanche to a 97+ window. I don't want to change the door just the window. the vent don't open so it is no good to me and I would like to have more room that the 97+ window has to offer. my door is good, the hinges are good(so far) and i don't want to deal with with differance in paint scheme. So if I can just change the window that would be great. Plus i have a door from from a 98 that is messed up just waiting to be a donor. Thanks
  13. I am looking at replacing my door windows in my 88MJ with a window from a 99 cherokee. don't want to change the door it self but change the window. Get rid of the wing window that does not open. My door is good as well as the hinges (so far). Is this a doable change? I did not see anythng about this or did I just miss it?
  14. Submariner

    An 88 from Montesano

    I have been working on this girl. I also replaced the speedometer cable and the e-brake cable. painted the roof, fixed the headliner, She now has Bucket seats, a newer ecu from a 89 cherokee, a 1 1/2" space in the front and put on 31" tires and wheels that are offset. a bit of a change. not as much as I am going to do. The next item is change out the front axle, and get things ready to remove the engine and tranny and be ready to install the rebuilt engine and tranny/transfer case.
  15. Submariner

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Well I took it out for a ride and it did seem to have a bit more git in its go. but then at the same time. I changed the seats so it just might be the addition of both changes to make it "FEEL" better LOL.