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    I am retired now and it is tough to have 6 Saturdays and one Sunday.
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  1. I still have it and have been driving it for a while now. still 2wd but I got everything to transition it to a 4wd. I also will be doing some of the Cruiser54 things to her to help out as well as swap doors, fenders and grill from a 01. as well as fix the damn oil leak from the rear main seal. I have swaped axles to improve gear ratio to 3.54 instead of the 3.07 still the stock axles nothing better.
  2. here is the donor vehicle to make her a prettier truck. this came home with a cracked block and head. and it only cost me $650. It had a set of good tires and a bad engine. I will figure out what to do with the rest of it.
  3. in the year that I ahve had her, a few things have change. put in bucket seats, Replace the rear axle with one that has 3.55 gears instead of 3.07. place a dana 30 in front, still waiting to do the transmission/transfercase, added a lift, and put 31" tires w/offset rims. put a better rear bumper on her and have '98' fenders, front panel, grill, and doors standing in wings waiting to go one. She stills need to have her motor tinkered with but right now she is working.
  4. i was thinking of doing a camo wrap on my MJ from MossyOak. they say they have a wrap for a small pickup for about $800. alot less them a paint. you have to do the work.
  5. I got the engine sold. I still have the 7' bed Does anyone need a intake/exhaust for a 2.5
  6. looks a lot like mine, maybe a little rougher. and I don't have any rust.
  7. At least you got one that has not many miles on it. Iwent from 214K to 287K on my odometer LOL not that it matters. Going to rebuild all the running gear anyway.
  8. Hey Kansas, I did the same thing to an 86. except I paid out $300 and 75 in tow fees. I got my money back and got some parts I needed for my 88 MJ. I just sent a cab corner to Iowa. The poor ole 86, had a rusted out floor board and frame and a trash tranny. But there are lots of pieces and parts that are needed to keep other MJ's running and looking good. IN a way you will be keeping part of the ole truck alive thru another MJ. LOL hookie. Plus you should have a usable rear axle and bed.
  9. let me say this, pulling the line and putting the plug in is a test of the Will, one flat at a time and half contortionists.
  10. got it sorted out. did the plug. everything is good. I got brakes. I had to fix a few things first. Life is good once again.
  11. And that one is on the bottom of the aluminum distribution block below the brake master cylinder I removed everything from the proportioning valve, it is gone. one line going forward. I ahve got to find the plug for that. And I have drum brakes on the rear axle.
  12. I did have some leakage from fitting as I removed the wheel cylinders and I did have the level go down in the small front reservor of the master cylinder.
  13. I am in the process of removing the proportioning valve and doing the wheel cylinders and a few other minor things like replace the rear axle. So when it came to bleeding the brake lines I could not get any brake fluid to come my way. I have isolated the proportioning valve and removed it. I have not changed any thing up front yet. I can not make any fluid move to the back of the rig. Open bleeder valves crack open lines. Nothing. How about some guidance here. Thanks
  14. Yesterday I swapped out the rear axle from a donor MJ that has died of frame rust, just another dana 35(non-c clip). What is funny there is an after market lift on it and with just changing the leaf springs and shocks I gained 2" of clearance at the fender flare, itis now 36" with 31" tires. I am going from 3.07 gears to 3.54 gears. wondering how that will be driving. Today I will put the front axle under it. a dana 30,. one of the things that I want to do is beef up the steering. I know of the ties rod off an WJ, but not sure what years? Also there is something said about changing the steering box out and re-enforcing the frame. re-enforcing the frame around the steering box something is to be done with only running 33" tires or am i good with out doing it. I will not ever run anything bigger then 33" tires. I am looking a 33x10.5X15 tires on her when these 31" tires wear out. all this is in preparation of the the AX15/NP231. That will go in next month. Of course then I am looking are the wiring issues that will need to be address before putting the rebuilt 4.0/ax15/np231 back into it Slowly this project is coming around. I am hoping to pick up a locker or limited slip at the upcoming Swap meet in Puyalup A lot of work still ahead of me on this project.
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