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How to install JEEP header emblems.

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Got a big little project done that has been bothering me for a while.


I installed the JEEP emblem on the front grill. I got them from a fellow member from here and am so grateful. :bowdown:


So here goes, I looked at the job and contrary to other opinions I decided to try it my way. I removed the five 10mm nuts holding the header support brace to the body and the 11mm nuts screwed into the header panel. The 2' steel L bracket comes off. Once I took that off my fingers could slip in between.





I then took the 1/8" spring nuts I got from the parts store and slid them over a snap on pick to open the hole up so they would fit the emblem pins. There are 4 total. I used a pair of pliers to slide the nuts onto and off the pick.



After the nuts were opened slightly I put the first letter into the holes in the header panel and with two fingers pressed the nut onto the letter stud. I used the pick to seat the nut while pressing on the letter from the front. It turned out perfect, nice and tight. I repeated these steps 3 more times. I did not drop one nut and that's something to be proud of! I had a whole bag so I wasn't stressed anyway. Here are some pics of the results.





And here is a pic without the letters, now it has an idenity!! jamminz.gif


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