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  1. :headpop: started looking at the problem with my tail lights not working again
  2. :clapping: congratulations. :???: So how big is the MJ's bed room aka garage?
  3. :mad: This posting has been flagged for removal
  4. Bad axle U joint :typing: http://www.madxj.com/MADXJ/technical/te ... dSeals.htm http://www.4x4wire.com/tech/axle/ujoint/ http://www.delta4x4club.com/TECH/UNIVERSAL/UJOINTS.php
  5. :hmm: :needpics:
  6. :nuts: :fool: AMC rules here!
  7. :dunno: did you bleed all the air out of the system?
  8. :agree: :thumbsup: :bowdown: :cheers:
  9. :offtopic: :beerhead: :needpics: :jump: :driving: :pcwhack: :laughin: :peek: :teehee: :wrench: :bs: :nanner:
  10. :agree: where can I find a bumper like that?
  11. At least the ER did not cut your sandle off to get at your busted toes. :doh:
  12. -600JeepMJ


    :fs1: I have to work tonight
  13. Carpet? I pulled mine out and rinolined the floor and left it like that.
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