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  1. Hi. Up for sale is my 87 comanche that runs and drives but needs work. I have extra parts. Great for an offroad truck build. Price is best offer http://boston.craigslist.org/sob/cto/5216770742.html If any questions please ask. My email is jeepcomanche87@yahoo.com. Thanks mike
  2. I'm not much fond of low pinion but Unfortunatly I'm on a very tight budget and trying to maKe it last a bit longer.
  3. I took a look at it. It has a ujoint style yoke. I didnt think to look at the axle to see if it had adjusters. Thanks for the info. If i can just change the axle itself do i need to change some of the ujoint caps? Thanks
  4. Welcome! I used to live in east prov ri now in rockland mass You will definatly learn alot from this site. I knew nothing bout comanche till i joined this group. I learned alot bout these unique trucks
  5. Does any one know if a dana30 from a 98 zj with steering andtrack bad with bracket and front drive shaft would fit my 87 mj? Theres one at work that might be getting junked soon and looking to make the truck last just lil bit longer and would the steering shaft fit also. Thanks. The both have 3:55 gears
  6. Is there a chance might be able to find out what he did to make it fit? I might be looking at a fleet side ranger bed for the right price. Thanks
  7. comanche87


    Is there any details on what needs to be modified to a late 90's to possible early 2000's ranger bed fleet side. I'm might have found one but am looking for info on what needs to be done in order for it to fit. I'm not a ford person but might get it for the right price and i need one bad.
  8. Thats a nice looking bed. But unfortunatly its way too far. Hopefully one day i can find one. My truck is limited to how far i can drive it. Thanks though.
  9. Hey. Sorry I used to get notifications by email but haven't gotten any in a while. Unfortunately it's way too far and plus my truck can't go too far.
  10. Kool. I will try to shoot u a pm hopfully tonight or tomorrow. I'm trying to decide wich one i want.
  11. Awsome! Thanks for helpin my friend/ neighbor!
  12. Hey Pete do u still have any 10 inch or 12 inh decals left. I need a new one cuz a cone hit my back window and shattered it. Let me know. Thanks
  13. Please anyone able to help my neighbor/friend?
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