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  1. I am looking at your picture of the Jeep Comanche with the Snow Plow.  I'm  going to do the same with my MJ.  I bought the frame and lift for the MJ for Stork.  Do you any close pictures you could send me of the frame brackets as to how their installed.  I have the factory brackets also for the MJ just wanted to see how they are installed.  always helps to see pictures of a successfully install! 




  2. Yea, post up a picture of what damage you have, and I'll see if this 4 door XJ will work for you. If yours is rotted really bad, like near the bottom of the wheel well, you could always "piece" a couple of sections from the XJ to make it work ;) I know, having the full MJ wheel well would make it simpler, but, hey, there 25 year old trucks, ya know. And shipping would not be a problem. I just get around a lot, thought if you knew someone in one of the town's I hit, I could just drop it off for you. I haven't been down your way since December '10. And besides Erie, no other jobs planned in PA this year.........so far......I was in Danville (Lewisburg) just a year ago :D
  3. Yea, it sounds like your local JY's are really trying to hit you hard on prices, I bet they don't pay nothing for junkers to start with. I've got a '96 XJ that I'm ready to scrap out, I've picked it clean now, and only have the shell left, I'll take a look at the rear upper sections of the wheel wells and see if there in good shape, you do only need the upper sections.......correct?? Both sides?? I'll zip wheel the sheet metal off, I don't think a torch is the right way to go with this, and let you know, if you want pictures first, fine. Make me an offer, and there your. Too bad I'm not scheduled in your neck of the woods any time soon, unless your not too far from Corning, I was just down that way 2 weeks ago, I'll be back there in about 3-4 weeks, I was in Erie last Friday, but this small items should be a cheap shipping cost. And......unless I'm wrong........I think there is a penalty around here for EVEN thinking about selling your MJ :eek:
  4. Tempting.................... :hmm: You still have my number???? I just bought another members (Need to pick up yet) but.......still interested, drop me a note or call me.
  5. the Flair brackets, Not hard at all....... I took a '94 XJ last October, front end totaled, Pushed the radiator support back out 8", put a new front clip on, newer hood, and had to make the flair brackets from scratch, the old ones were not ever there from the rust, just snapped off the bolts, to get the flairs off. I made cardboard 'templates' from the flairs, (Front, center top, rear) traced them out on some 16 gauge sheet metal I had, cut the sheet metal with air nippers, drilled out the holes, inserted #10x32 (1" long) SS machine screws (pan heads) tack welded the heads to the sheet metal, used some "flange" SS nuts, and done. In fact, I messed up and made 2 sets of right fronts. or left rears, and had to make the correct combo to get it done :nuts: I wonder why the factory didn't use all SS screws and use Anti-seize when they made these darn things in the first place :hmm: Would have make our life much easier.
  6. Just a hint on the Mig welding........ Use .023 wire, and turn the gas up to 22-25psi, and you'll have fewer burn thoughts on that 22guage metal. Yea, I wouldn't use a good replacement side for just this 'small' piece, the P&P would only charge $3-$5 for a piece that big around here, if not, just 'take-it' price. If you can/want, pick up one of these, it will give you the crimp needed and the holes for plug welding - http://www.harborfreight.com/air-punch- ... -1110.html have fun :D
  7. I'll clear this up a little........ The top section (which is what rots out mostly on our beloved MJ's) of any XY will provide the double bend for the OEM wheel flair. 2 door or 4 door XJ will work. But......the entire wheel flair from an XJ is shorter in height (length) than a MJ wheel flair. That's why an XJ rear wheel flair will not replace a MJ rear wheel flair. By cutting out the top section from a XJ donor, getting good steel, and using a crimping tool, you can "graft" the section on the the outer wall of the bed, thus, replacing the rotted out section. Little Bondo over the seam (after welding it on of course) and the mounting holes can be re-drilled, 'almost' instant patch panel. I had pictures of the bed that I re-built, but ........HD crash last October......pictures lost :wall: And yes, I drop in here now and then.........Keeping an eye on you guys....... :D
  8. If it's any help - the rear top section from XJ's make a do-able replacement. I've done one, just don't have the pictures loaded up yet. Plus.......No MJ was harmed with this process :D
  9. First of all........the plow should be behind the truck, if your plowing, not up in the bed......... :no: Second.........Same as that ebay add.........Here's the http://www.crlaurence.com/crlapps/showline/offerpage.aspx?ProductID=87862&GroupID=1653&History=30587:21770:1336:21770:1351:1389&ModelID=1653&pom=0 for the CLR aftermarket rear slider (Brand New) Note: Model EDV700LT = Light Gray Glass Model EDV700S = Dark Gray Glass Your choice / same price. If you want, drop shipped from the Cleveland, OH warehouse to your door, $145 including shipping, Pre-paid Only, to me (I've been burned before) You just need to pick up some Urethane locally to set it. Drop me a PM if you want to go this way, and I'll send you the details.
  10. Wildman


    Yep..........the rummer is true.........I'm still alive, kind of :ack: Heading out of town again in the AM and this should finish one job, then I'm in town for good until September...........might even cut my work week down to 60 hours :banana: I should have drop a note long before this, but.........ya know how it is. Hornbord......didn't quite make it down your way, but I got stuck with a Job in Jersey, just east of Philly the first week of June, nice place to visit/work, but cost way too much to get out of Jersey :shake: ......and Pete.......Your forgetting I have this little toy at the shop....... :yes: It makes it very easy to stack the MJ's up. I'll get some time in a week or two, and have to back read about 200 pages of posts :doh: Til then...........still looking for that '92 to complete the collection :D
  11. To answer your #1 question......... There is a vacuum switch under the pressure bottle (which we'll discuss in a minute) on the right hand inner fender that controls the 4wd light, in most cases, the switch is shot, and is available for about $100, or do what most of us do........pull the wire off the switch and the light will go off and stay off. When you put it in 4wd HI you should be able to tell when it's in 4wd, same with 4wd LOW. You can feel the "pull" from the front axle. Only do this on loose stones/dirt/snow, never drive a NP231 on hard dry pavement, you'll tear the transfer case right out of the rig :eek: If you have a new radiator, and a shop did the work, the only real problem with an '87 4.0, well all Renix era ('87 - '90) is the "closed" cooling system. If the air is not "burped" out of the system it will overheat. But you say that the coolant is spraying out of the vent cap, that could be your problem, that vent cap is really a pressure bottle, that's part of the "closed" cooling system, and the best solution is to replace the pressure bottle, it is not an "over flow" bottle, it is pressurized from the cooling system, there are some after market pressure bottles, that I'll let others post up, but a replacement pressure bottle is readily available on e-bay for about $22. To lock the CAD, there are several articles on this channel about that........Like HERE The "quick" fix for getting full gauges is from a donor XJ from the Renix era ('87-'90) it's all plug and play with what you have now, but as noted above, try to get a gauge set from a 4.0 and save your self some trouble. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4615
  12. Wildman

    CL wow!

    Yes, I know about it :brows: And he is a member here, another "Bob" and THIS is the original write up, with pictures HERE He's been trying to sell that since March, and better priced now, but the frame is rotted :(
  13. No, it's not :( Got that one in Southern PA from a member here, and he needed the drive train for another XJ that's still on the road..........I have a donor for that one, and just need the time (some day) to get back together and running.
  14. He's been really really busy... It took him everything in his power to get this out to me on time, and the only reason he did was because I think he couldn't start a job until later on, and had a free second to sit and write it up. Rob L. :agree: Yup, what Rob said :yes: The good new is.........I'm not working 60 hours weeks any more.........I'm now working 70 hour weeks........ :ack: But, you'll all be glad to know were some of that "Simulate" money is going........2 jobs I have are being funded thru that :D I'll just have to re-invest that simulate $$$ back into the MJ collection :banana: I think :hmm: that's what is was for...........right??? :dunno: ComancheKid.........That exactly the reason I'm doing what I'm doing :yes: Maybe some day, I'll have my own Charter of the "The International MJ Preservation Society" :banana: nanche75.........That's not the first time I've hear that......... :rotf: I had a guy at the shop last year that told me he couldn't find a MJ anywhere around here, and told me I had them all.........I just told him that I'm quicker at grabbing them than he was :yes: fiatslug.......got your PM ;) I'll keep an eye on that one :thumbsup: and I do have a whole tribe now, and I have 2 Native Americans (Seneca/Mohawk) working on my crew now too :yes: Thanks for all the nice comments guys :D Just wish I had more free time to gloat over this :oops: And more free time to turn some of the projects over into Mean Street Running Machines :doh:
  15. Wildman

    helllo all

    Big D....... I think you got your b-Day gift from me last week :D And it was on your list :yes:
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