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  1. I had pictures of this but can't find them :fs2:
  2. Well since this is going no where I'm done with it. You'll only due it when its deemed safe huh? So you're going to put tires on it that give you no traction when it rains. Explain how that makes sense. You're just another idiot punk kid who makes the rest of us young guys look like fools. Don't come crying here when you wrecked your comanche driving like a jackass an don't know how to fix it.
  3. Drifting is done on a closed course off the streets, I doubt thats what you'll do. An don't think I'm some old guy pissed at some kid. I'm not much older then you. But the profession I'm in I've seen some bad accidents, and the person who always gets seriously hurt or dead is the person minding there own business. So go do what you want, but last I checked Jeeps are built for offroad not drifting like some punk kids sweet civic. An your jeep isn't nice, all the more reason to wreck it right? Grow up man
  4. Why don't you just give me your comanche. I'd rather have it then watch you wreck it and potentially hurt or kill someone. An you not caring means you have no respect for your self or anyone on the road. Better yet sell your jeep an ride a bicycle. Everyones safer that way.
  5. Think someones put a little too much money into this one http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Built-Ex ... 2a212ded23
  6. Ha. Well by the amount of offers i got, it might still be around then
  7. Don't really want to, but I'd rather it not just sit. Bought this one just about 2 years ago. Ran like a top all up until I got into the accident with it. Rebuilt the front end then had engine problems. Ended up pulling the drive train end of last summer. Now its been sitting mainly due to my living situation. I had big plans for it, but just need the money for it right now. Its an 89 Eliminator SWB. Was 2wd. Interior is stripped except for the dash. Axles are still in place. Bed is off, was going to POR 15 the frame. There was a small amount of surface rust on the floors, which were stripped and POR 15'd. Also have the majority of a black interior for it, and gray buckets. Really is in good shape, especially for being up north for this long. Title is clear. Looking to get $650 obo. Also have a Dana 44 from an XJ that I can throw in for an extra $200. Message me on here, or Call/Text 973 459 9309. Thanks Chris
  8. 88pioneer

    Bad Day

    Yea, I'm sure you can fix it. Had an accident with mine a while back. Started with this. And ended with this after a few hours of work.
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