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  1. my86mj

    Things Changed

    man i havent been on here in over a year. I'm diggin the update for sure. sarge blew a rod and i was forced to sell ive been rockin baja bugs for a while but this weekend I'm pickin up a 86 xls with a bunch of goodies for 700 bucks. god i miss posting up on here :clapping:
  2. i was going to do something similar with sarge putting a radiator in the rear and a fuel cell. never had the follow though or money
  3. looks like i need to start spending more time in everett lol. this thing is so sick
  4. wouldnt be able to tell you. i picked up my comanche 3 doors down
  5. need a roommate? lol. dude I'm diggin the couch my landlord said no to me turning my old boatanchor 2.8 into a coffee table the couch would be awesome next to it
  6. well sadly sarge is gone. couldnt get it fixed so i had to sell it :( keeping my eye out for another one though. ive been without mj for about 3 months now and I'm feeling withdrawls.
  7. my86mj

    Famous Comanche

    so watching war of the worlds i caught a glimpse of some "sideburns" that i immidiately recognized. in the scene where they get abducted the truck that tom cruise jumps in is a jeep comanche!
  8. i don't want heavy modification or i would get a 327 without a second though
  9. i am planning on an offy intake and a edlebrock carb
  10. well here is the thing I'm not using fuel injection I'm rigging up a carb setup from a 258 (preference) however I'm not above hammering. the biggest deal is the radiator setup i might order an entire front end conversion from 97+. I'm avoiding the v6 option because i want to run a strong trans and bigger tires in the near future.
  11. i heard there was a problem with spacing on the intake ports on the 4.0 head where theres bumps for the injectors and the 258 intake doesnt cover that any thoughts on how to overcome that?
  12. essentially besides the obvious fact of a motor and tranny what do i need to convert my 2.8 comanche to a 4.0 ive heard core support do i need a new radiator. checklist please.
  13. my biggest thing is i want no electronics i like having an old fashioned setup electric fuel pump is okay but i essentially want a 4.0 with a carb on it so sweet
  14. to keep it short i want a carbed inline six but in my area a 258 it a pain to find but parts are everywhere so how can i get a 4.0 to run off a carb for cheap. sarge needs a new heart and my 2.8 gave up the ghost before i could do anything worthwhile to the rest of the rig. I want a carb. i know all the advantages to FI but its my preference.
  15. my86mj

    Strange Hate.

    pretty much i got a buddy who has the same setup only in a cherokee everything mechanical is the same he claims his will go more places. i told him to fill his hatch with bark mulch and try to go there.
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