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  1. Get well soon Don!!! Sorry to hear you're having a tough time, take it slow and steady, this place needs you back to show the young guys what Chrome is all about. Get stronger every day sir there's lots and lots more World Champion Red Sox to enjoy in the coming year.
  2. jpnjim

    Memories of Jim

    I haven't been by here in a while and was very sad to read that Jim had passed I can't think of a member that was more full of life, or mentally sharp. Every post he typed was full of Jim-ism's, so there should be plenty of his wisdom in every thread he posted in for a good feature on him. I didn't see one on the MJotM, but I could have been looking in the wrong spot. Either way, thanks for taking the time to recognize such a unique and wonderful member. Rest In Peace my friend
  3. jpnjim

    New Here

    apparently (from what I've been told) some later years could have been had with the 44 under a short bed (some sort of offroad package?). but only long beds had the metric ton package. If so it was never "officially" available from what I've seen. I have brochures up to 91 and none make any mention of the heavy duty axle except in the MT package. I could see it happening though. Possibly a case of "well, if you REALLY want it..." Double check the 1987' brochure Minuit, I know I have one or two that list the 44 for 87', before Chrysler changed things the D44 was available 3 diffe
  4. This is why I hate anyone else to work on my stuff. Stupid levels are at an all time high, and it's only getting worse. That car needs a junkyard engine, and the owner needs to never be allowed to pop another hood again, ever. Kind of reminds me of when a friend in high school was asked by his uncle to chang the oil in his L6 Chevy Nova, instead of 4 quarts of oil, he refilled with 4 gallons lol Thought he was supposed to fill up the valve cover. it smoked a bit lol
  5. ....and another vote for the ratchet strap method.
  6. I paid less than that for the originals, I'd hold out for originals for that price, but if you can't wait, a money back guarantee is good, though shipping back and forth on 3 books if you don't like them might put a damper on the refund a little.
  7. There was some gear pitch changes along the way, way back when I swapped a 23 spline gear for a 21 spline (in a 231 box), and the t-case sounded like it was full of rocks. It could have been a 231 only thing, just putting it out there that there was different generations of T-cases and not all of the gears interchange. Old thread: http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/jeep-cherokee/808683-np231-gear-pitch-changes.html
  8. That's pretty awesome, hope you post up plenty of pics (or video!) when it's done. ZJ rear coils are the same as MJ/XJ/ZJ/TJ fronts, only a lot shorter. Might be worth trying some uncut rear lift coils instead of the cut down front lift coils if you came across a set. I've used them + spacers in the front of XJ/MJ's when I wanted stiffer than factory springs, but not a higher ride height. The goal is to actually cut the coil shorter, since that raises the spring rate of the coil. I would look for the stiffest, longest coil and then cut it down to make it much stiffer. Spring rates a
  9. I wonder if the wheels are bent(?) Wouldn't be too tough to check them for runout by giving them a spin on the vehicle and eyeballing them or getting fancy with a piece of solid wire or something as an indicator. The Walmart guys probably can run a balancer, but if there's any other issues going on, they just slap weights on it and roll it out the door. Maybe you could try the Walmart tires one at a time on the front of the vehicle to see which one is the bad one. Good luck Eagle
  10. Yep. 1974. Prestolite. Very problematic but the fix was found and came out in a TSB. I thought the Prestolite was in 75' but either way, it was the Peugeot BA 10/5 of ignition systems :yes: I liked it, and used it on a few different AMC V8's "back in the day" since they were plentiful in the junkyards, and no one wanted them. I carried a spare control module, but never needed it. To the original poster, I'd say go with the later Motorcraft stuff, or a point distributor + a drop in breakerless conversion. Either way, I'm guessing replacement parts would be easier to
  11. Even worse is all the people so excited to inform you: "Didja hear?!, they're bringing back the Jeep Pickup!!" Me (thinking) big whoop, they could have designed a new TJ/JK half cab any time in the last 20 years if they really cared about this market. I would like to see the JK 4 door body with Hummer Pickup style (no frills) door blanks on the rear doors to make a slightly extended cab 2 door JK pickup. Instead we'll get a giant 4 door pickup with minimal towing/hauling capacity, 14 cup holders and dvd players. I guess it's the thought that counts.
  12. BTW, I dig the chopped top, I never did get the street sign thing, but it's the Toyota frame (with the front wheels way too far back from where they should be) that puts this on the "p.p.t.J.o.o.i.m" list
  13. Maybe its because there are so many available old/cheap Jeeps out there, but Jeep seems have more than its fair share of "odd" builds, so I'll start the "please put this Jeep out of its misery" thread with this gem; https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/6087370840.html 1948 Willeys Jeep Pick Up RATROD - $6000 4" chopped top, Toyota frame, 1963 Ford straight 6, 3 speed standard trans. Call only! Cannot respond to e-mails ^ anyone want to top this one? :thumbsup:
  14. I have the same problem I usually just self tap the plate to the bumper face and cut a hole for a factory style plate light off to one side. A buddy has a plasma cutter, so I'm thinking about cutting out a license plate sized chunk of the bumper, and setting the cut piece in so the plate sits recessed off to the left side of the bumper At this build rate I have a few more years before I get to that point :doh:
  15. jpnjim

    New Bama Tag

    I hear ya Jim, but since Big Papi retired the Sox and baseball in general don't turn me on as much anymore. Hopefully it will pass.......... I understand I know it was tough for me to watch them celebrate the end of the regular season (and Papi's retirement) then get swept in the playoffs :ack: Way to waste a golden opportunity to send Ortiz out at the top of his game. But such is life, it can be a good team this year if they can just get firing on all cylinders. I imagine there's less and less New England sports fans in your neck of the woods these days with all the
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