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  1. 5.3 lm7, Ls6 intake and injectors. Built turbo 400, Art Carr shifter, manual valving with ultra bell. 4.3:1 Atlas 2 Sped, twin sticked. Linked front and rear, 14" radflo coilovers with resi front and rear. Dana 60 hp/kp front, Arb locker, chromo shafts, long joints, drive flanges. PSC full hydro steering artec high steer arms, double steered. Ruff Stuff diff cover. 14 bolt rear, stock shafts, disc brakes, trussed, Detroit locker, ruff stuff cover and pinion guard. Tranny and hydro steer coolers, rear mount radiator, 16" fan and shroud, 15 gallon fuel cell in bed. Full exo, DIY bead locks. M8000 winch w/ synthetic rope Comes w/ 20' Flat bed trailer. Both have clean titles Build thread - https://comancheclub.com/topic/35800-88-Comanche-the-making-of-a-monster/
  2. Also added a few light pods on both sides of truck, don't know why I didn't do this sooner, helps so much night wheelin these plus the rock lights huge help..
  3. Well haven't updated in along time, ended up doing an LS swap, turbo 400 and atlas 2 speed, redid center consol to house the gear shift, twin sticks for atlas and dual cutting brake handles.. relocated rad to the bed, placing trans and hydro steer coolers in stock rad location, all cooled by electric fans.. Mounted an artec quart case in the bed to carry some fluids, also mounted 2 large fire extinguishers on the driver an passenger sides of the bed, and one in the cab, better safe than sorry.. Also swapped light bars out for curved bars, wider field of vision little better for the tight wooded trails I wheel..
  4. I've got 8 Seward offroad 2x2's under my rig.. And as far as I can tell they are identical in every way but the sewards are definitely brighter.. My cousin has the exact same bars that I do, on the exact same locations on his Toyota, but he purchased the sewards and I've got the rigids, his rig is noticeably brighter.. They're both great lights, the rigids and sewards, but for a 1/3 the price for the same product with the same warranty, il never buy rigid again Seward for me dude..
  5. What's the info on the event.. Closed course? Trail runs..? You on pnwjeep? Meet and greet is coming up, sept 7. Get on there and get the info.
  6. Built a new crossmember/belly skid/trans-tcase support, added TMR Atlas tcase support..
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