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  1. bigd44889

    Chreokee Trany

    hay guys ya iv'e been quit but iv'e been here got a question does anyone know what year tranys are interchangable with a 99 cherokee if one of ya have one for sale that would be great to thanks oh and yes i miss my mj will be buying one again soon i hope :doh:
  2. hay guys this is not mine and i do not know much about it don't even know who owns it its an 87 2 wd auto colum shift body floor and rails look clean it says $1000 obo it is in wakeman ohio got the phone number off the window so call them 419-541-7344 this is my photobucket the first 5 pics are the mj for sale the black one
  3. bigd44889

    ax 5

    ya for the wrangler and no i won't get one from daveys i'll have mine rebuilt befor i deal with him
  4. bigd44889

    ax 5

    i have a 2.5 i need a good ax4 or ax 5 to go behind it my syncros are all going out i am in ohio can travel to get it
  5. i got 4.11 gears so all i need is the bellhousing thanks for the info
  6. i might have a line on a ax15 that was behind a 4.0 would that be geared to high for my 2.5 if not what would i have to do to use it
  7. no idea buddy i bought a wrangler got rid of that rusted out cj you seen when you were here havn't had this one a month lol still has temp tag on it as soon as i get a chance i will drain and refill it
  8. the syncros are slowly going out 1 by 1 its not a need one today but won't be long
  9. me syncros are going out i need a replacment ax5 4x4 trans to fit behind a 2.5 will travle some to get it
  10. sorry no marcell came and got it sat.
  11. this is an old post bought a new one the jeep is long gone motor sold and the rest scraped
  12. to the person tht the skid plate yes i still have it i text you back but never herd back from you
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