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  1. Can't wait to get mine...I'll post pics as soon as they're here. Thanks again!
  2. Well, let me first say it's been a pleasure dealing with everyone from the club. But, it's time for me to move on (from my current position...not the club). That being said, Devin will be the one to contact at 4WD to place an order. I will be located at the store in Coppell, TX if anyone wants to visit. You can also email me, or call my cell (PM me if you don't have it). If you'd like to order with 4WD here is his contact info Devin Black (devinb4wd) DBlack@4wd.com 1-800-333-5535 x 835 I will still be in contact with Kristen to get people added to the list, so please feel free to email me with questions / to get added to the list. Thanks again guys!
  3. Well...The frame finally took a crap on me and broke. And with the move to Texas coming up, I gave it to one of my buddies here at 4WD so he could weld the frame and keep her going...I can't risk it with the kids. I'll be looking for another Comanche once I get down to the Dallas area though...so I'm not going anywhere. :cheers: That reminds me, look for Devin on here soon (he just signed up). He'll also be the one to contact at 4WD once I'm gone, unless you want to come by and visit me in the Coppell store, email me, or call my cell. Like I said, I'm not going anywhere.
  4. Thanks everyone. It really is nice to see that hard work still pays off :) :cheers:
  5. The heat doesn't bother me, I'm originally from Florida. And luckily, my dad was in the airforce so planes don't bother me either. Thanks for the info!
  6. Finally some good news...I worked a truck show last weekend in Bloomsburg, PA. and while I was there (working my tail off) I was offered a promotion / transfer opportunity by one of the VP's that happened to be there. This has been a LONG time coming. I'll have better hours, more $$, and (more importanly) more time with my kids. The downside is it means house hunting for a place near Coppell, TX from 1200 miles away in Ohio. So if there are any locals down there that could point me in the right direction as far as what neighborhoods to avoid, places to look, etc. that would be great. We're looking for anything in the Dallas area and looking to move in around September 1st. Even better if you know someone renting a house (3+ bedrooms). Thanks guys! P.S. This DOES NOT change the discount at 4WD / 4 Wheel Parts. I can still get everyone on the list and will be keeping it updated through Kristen.
  7. Sweet! I'll have to swing by, I'm headed out there for work this weekend. I'll be with the guys from 4 Wheel Parts. Looking forward to seeing the Comanche in person finally.
  8. Looking for bucket seats. I've got a gray bench in decent shape I'm willing to trade. Let me know what you've got!
  9. Finally got a day off where I wasn't doing 500 other things...so what better to do than to pull the carpet out of the Comanche! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The passenger side only has a small spot that needs patched. The driver's side will need a new floor panel, but it still was a lot better than I thought. I'll get it all patched up in the next week or so and put a layer of por-15 or bed liner down to cover it up...who needs carpet anyway. Pics of the progress so far are below...enjoy! Now I just need to find some bucket seats to put in and I'll be set! Image Not Found After sweeping it out Image Not Found Passenger's Side Image Not Found Driver's Side Image Not Found Driver's Side Close-Up Image Not Found Kid's enjoying the seat in the back...they want me to leave it there. Maybe I'll have to come up with something for them soon.
  10. I actually thought about it, but my girl stopped me before I could even say it out loud! :rotf: I think she would have loved it, she always smiles when she sees my truck.
  11. She's only 5 months old, and she already has her first Jeep. She's been crashing into things around the house all day. At least she's a responsible driver and was asdjusting her "mirrors" as soon as we sat her down. Image Not Found
  12. It was hard enough to get them to finally put the pic I wanted on there...I wasn't gonna complain about the tracks. lol
  13. Just got the official dates for our next two big shows. We'll be out at the Bantam Jeep Festival Aug 10th - 12th and we're having our Jamboree here in Columbiana, OH September 28th - 29th. I'll post more details as I get them. Hope to see some of you There! Bantam: http://www.bantamjeepfestival.com/ 4WD Jamboree: http://www.4wd.com/jeep-events/jamboree.aspx
  14. I know it's been a while since my last post (been busy with work and the new baby) but I thought I'd share this: Image Not Found It was a long battle of "that picture won't fit" and "oops! we forgot to change your picture" but I FINALLY got them to put my Comanche on my business card! I know it's not perfect or the whole truck...but it's still on there.
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