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A while ago Aeroquip came out with a like of adapters to use a quick disconnect and a hose to easily change your oil. I installed one on my truck, and it sure made life easy. Looks like they are available everywhere including summit racing. you have to check what threads your current oil plug has, Maybe someone can chime in with the correct thread and size for each model year. The cheapest i have found them is here http://www.race-mart.com/Engine-Oil-Quick-Drain-Plugs_c_1133.html


I put one on my dodge (cummins) it holds 12 quarts, it would never go into the drain pan. It ended up costing me about $60.00 for the male and female, but i plan to put them on all the vehicles so i will just need the one side @ about $32.00 each. The price is probably a little high for some, but it sure makes life easy. Oh a protective cap goes over the part on the pan to protect it between oil changes.

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