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How to install 2" Coil Spacers and Shackles

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So I decided to give my MJ a small 2" budget lift with coil spacers and shackles.


Yes this is a simple project but I like write-ups, personal experiences and pictures! :D :typing:


1989 Jeep MJ Eliminator 2WD Straight 6


For the coil spacers, I worked on one side at a time. I jacked the frame up on one side then placed a jack stand on that same side. Then I placed the jack under the front axle and raised the axle up a bit. I did this so I could take off the: coil hold down bracket, lower control arm (one side of the arm), shocks, trac bar, and sway bar links. This was all needed to take out the coil spring. You can use a coil compressor but I didnt get one. THEN... The bumpstop. This is taken off by SCREWING IT OFF. It is not welded. At least on my 89. So take a pipe wrench and screw off the end of the bumpstop so you can slide on the coil spacer. Place in the coil spring and then do the same for the other side!




As shown below is the bumpstop. It looks welded together but it actually screws off.


The shackles are very easy. Spray penetrating fluid on the fours bolts, lift the back of the truck up and put jack stands on both sides. Letting the axle hang is the leaf springs neutral position so no pressure is present. Un-bolt the old shackle and put in the new one!



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