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My take on the early model XJ hand brake in an MJ

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So, since I've given up on that infamous '86 parking brake recall that I made a stink about late last year, I've decided to conjure up a way to fit an XJ hand brake into the old girl.  My original plan for this was the '97+ console swap, accompanied by the corresponding hand brake.  However, since I'm selling the MJ at some point in the near future, I'm limiting the amount of additional money spent on modifications.  I have several early model XJ hand brakes at my disposal, as well as two center consoles, thus my reasoning for using them.  After sitting around and brainstorming, and playing around with a cut off wheel, propane torch, vice, etc., I came up with this:




Which will be bolted in and connected similarly like this (with a bit of modification on the crimped end):


Do you guys think this will work well?  My concern at the moment is whether or not there is enough range of motion to pull the cable tight enough to hold the brakes hard.



Another picture:

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Got some more work done with the hand brake mod.


Made a piece to firmly hold the crimped end of the cable in place and painted the cable retaining bracket I made.  Once the paint dries good, I will install it and make adjustments as necessary.  Preliminary tests seem to show a firm hold on the brakes, but we'll see once it's permanently installed.





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What did you do for a cable? Mod the MJ one? Do you think it would be possible to mount the apparatus in such a way that you would not need to cut a hole in the tunnel?


It's still the original, unmodified MJ foot brake cable.  I am going to loop it around and secure it under the bed.  As far as doing this without the hole in the tunnel, not with the early XJ hand brake... At least not if you are going to put in a center console.  I was going to use the '97+ XJ hand brake and do like Shelbyluv did, but then I couldn't utilize a center console.  The trans. tunnel hole I cut it the same size/shape as the XJ one.   It will look like it's OEM when I'm done, other than the large loop of cable under the bed.

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Just finishing up my hand brake swap. My hand brake came from a 2000 XJ, i prefer its design and i did not need to fabricate a second bracket. I did have to hack the bracket under the bed to pieces, but it will work great once its all together.


I will have quite an update on my build page once this is all over with.

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