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MJ Renix to HO Oil Filter Adapter & O-ring Data

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Some of the following was provided by CC member Rockfrog. Great info.  :thumbsup:

87-90 Renix Model Orings

0.799 x 0.103 AS568 size -117
1.296 x 0.139 AS568 size -219
2.484 x 0.139 AS568 size -230

91-92 HO Model Orings

0.676 x 0.070 AS568 size -017
0.859 x 0.139 AS568 size -212
2.484 x 0.139 AS568 size -230

And here is the picture verification of the Renix sizes for those that need it.

Cost? About $1.92 after taxes Canadian funds and taxation.


Also, the m20x1.5 metric threaded filter nipple in the Renix era 4.0L's can be swapped out for the SAE 3/4''-16 threaded nipple from a 1991 and up XJ/MJ (p/n 53007563AB). This nipple will allow the use of the more common (and higher capacity) PH8A style oil filters and the others listed below. I use Ford's FL-1A myself.


Oversize Oil Filters for HO 4.0L Engines (3/4"x16 thread)

5.178" HIGH, 3.660" DIAMETER
AC-Delco PF2, $6.28
Motorcraft FL-1A, $6.49
Purolator L30001, $5.76
Napa 1515, $6.69
Wix 51515, $6.69
Mopar L-72 L-326, L-526, L-55, L-1007, L-138
Baldwin B118, $9.26
Hastings LF115, $8.73
Mobil 1 M1-301, $8.00
Amsoil EaO15, $18.75
Donaldson P550008, $4.21

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found a write up on this Jp magazine's site 



 ^^^ This.


Should have done this while I was at it, but I had already ordered the replacement o-ring set and made the repair and everything before I read this...

Here are my pancaked o-rings btw, and the kit found here:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BYNK58Y/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 the right sized o-rings for renix oil filter adapters. But again, if you are going to go through the trouble to replace these o rings, you might as well just go and replace the whole adapter with the larger capacity filter.



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Can I just take a HO filter adapter off a Cherokee in a junkyard and buy the Orings and do this? Really wanting to do this so I can easily change my motor mounts and my orings need to be changed anyways.


You sure can. Good thinking too, because to change the mounts all the oil filter hardware has to be removed. Might as well do it all at once.

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Sadly the napa around here closed down. I found a website which sells individual orings for CHEAP. But you have to buy a certain amount. Still coming out way cheaper than the dealer wanted, and I can help out anyone that is in my situation and needs the orings for cheap :D

I need orings for a renix. Message sent.

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