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280ZX Hood Vent Install

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Not a lot of detail here but you'll get it in the pictures....basic procedure is obtain the vents, measure a couple of times, cut holes and install.


These are smaller than the regular 280 vents and about half the size of Lebaron vents, but I couldn't find either at the JY. One side of these has more slots so I used an angle grinder with a think grinding disc to cut slots in the other one.






I used some poster board to make a template of what I wanted to cut. These vents have three bolt in them but to use the bolts would have meant leaving about a 1/4" gap between the vents and the hood. They are recessed in a 280ZX. So I made an outline of just the outer lip and everything that hangs below would tuck below hood level.









I traced the outer edge of the vent then sorta eyeballed how much of the lip I wanted to be on top of the hood. About 3/4" from the outer edge. This was enough to slightly rotate the vent in the hole to get the angle right before screwing them to the hood. You could cut similar holes and fasten a bracket, just a straight piece of metal, and use the existing bolts to "sandwich" the vent onto the hood but I just used screws, still looks fairly clean if ya ask me.




Best to do this during the heat of the day also. Your jeep will respect you more and break down less if it knows you are willing sacrifice your well being for its well being. :smart:








I used an angle grinder which doesn't make curved cuts all that well. I only made one template and just flipped it for the other side since the vents are mirrors of each other. Also don't pay attention to my measurements. They are approximately one Iphone length from the rear of the hood and one Iphone length from the center dent/stripe on the hood.











Done, the hardest part was getting the hood off and back on by myself.

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