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JeeP Acronym List

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Bantam Pilot Model - 1940

BRC-60 - Bantam model - 70 produced

BRC-40 - American Bantam Jeep for military

BRC-40/4WS - Bantam 4 wheel steering Jeep model

BRC-40 Checker - Checker's take on the Bantam design

Quad - Willys design prototype - 1940

Pygmy - Ford's design prototype - 1940

CPJ - Chevrolet entry proto for the Military design group

Mark II - Bantam production 1940-1941

MA - Willys production Jeep for the military 1,553 produced - 1941

GP - Ford's Jeep that the military ordered 1,500 of eventually 4,456 were produced - 1941

BRC-40 - Bantam's Jeep turned into the military 1,500 but in the end 2,605 were produced - 1941

MB(1) - Willys second generation Jeep design (the model produced in 1941 had a welded grill and 25,808 were produced)

MB(2) - Willys second design that incorporated the Ford designed stamped grill - 335,531 were built

GPW - Ford's Jeep built on Willys design specs, the breakdown of the designation is "G" Government, "P" Ford's designation for 80" wheelbase "W" Willys design 277,896 were built from 1941 - 1945

GPA - Ford's Amphibious Jeep 12,778 were built from 1942 - 1943 "A" fpr amphibious

M-38 - Willys gov design of the CJ-3A from 1950 - 1952 only 61,423 were ever produced

M-38a1 - Willys government design that would mostly resemble the CJ-5. 101,488 were produced from 1952 - 1957

M-170 - Long wheelbase Military Ambulance

M-151 - MUTT ("Military Unit Tactical Truck") built from 1959 - 1978

M-718 - Ambulance version of the M-151

M-422 - Mighty Mite. Aluminum Marine Corps Jeep, air cooled V4 lightweight

M-422A1 - Longer wheelbase version of the Mighty Mite

M-606 - The Jeep M606 was a military version of the Jeep CJ-3B, built 1962

M-606A1 (12v) and M606A2 (24v), M606A3 Designed after the CJ-5 both for US Armed Forces and Export from 1965 through 1982

M-676 - FC truck the M676 (or type I) was a two door pickup which differed very little from a stock FC-170

M-677 - FC truck The M677 (type II) was a four door crew cab pickup having the same 103" wheelbase and thus a shorter pickup box

M-679 - FC Marine Ambulance

M715 - Kaiser-built military pick-up truck, similar to the Gladiator J2000 - J4000 trucks

M-725 - military field ambulance

CJ-V35 - Military custom order. Cross between MB, M38, CJ-3A.

CJ-V35/U 1000 modified CJ-3As were produced for the U.S. Navy as the underwater vehicle

XM-170 - Experimental cousin of the CJ-4

CJ-2 (Agrijeep) - Willys first commercial bid for the gen public, mostly in farm use

CJ-2A - Willys second production Jeep for the gen public, 214,202 were built from 1945 - 1949

CJ-3A - Willy third design, this Jeep had 131,843 produced from 1949 - 1953

CJ-3B - Willys design this was much like the CJ-3A only the hood was much taller. To accommodate the F-head. 155,494 were produced from 1953 - 1968

CJ-4 - The missing link as some would call this one, it is an early design of what would become the CJ-5, only one is known to still exist

CJ-4 (Mahindra and Mahindra) - a long CJ-3B built in India

FC 150 - Jeep Forward Control Truck, based on the 81" wheelbase CJ-5 initially.

FC 170 - Longer wheelbase (103.5) Forward Control truck, used Super Hurricane I6

CJ-5 - Willys (Kaiser) made from 1955 - 1970, then AMC took it from there and built them till 1983 when among criticism about getting tough on high rollover risk AMC reluctantly decided to drop the short base model form its lineup. in the end over 600,000 of them were produced

CJ-6 - Willys (Kaiser) 1956 - 1970 and AMC 1970 - 1981, this one has a 101" wheelbase. From 1976-1981 they were export only. The only production number I have is 50,172 which sounds awful low to me for that many years

CJ-5A/CJ-6A - Kaiser Elevated the Tuxedo Park package to a separate model in 1964 ended ?

CJ-7 - Built by AMC starting in 1976, this Jeep had 93.4" wheelbase and had many offspring to its design

CJ-8 - this AMC design was known as the Scrambler, it has a 103" wheelbase and with the half top took on a truck type look. built from 1981 - 1985 27,792 were built

CJ-10 - 3/4 ton CJ Truck, export mainly to Australia

CJ-10A - Aircraft Military Tug in the United States

DJ-5A - Jeep built 2 wheel drive for mostly Postal delivery, they did also built a DJ-8 similar to the CJ-8

YJ - Wrangler, Started by AMC in 1986 and taken over by Chrysler in 1988, 632,231 were built up until 1995

TJ - 1997 - 2006, Jeep Wrangler

TJ-L - Long wheelbase TJ available for overseas military use

LJ - 2003 - 2006, Wrangler Unlimited

KJ - Jeep Liberty

XJ - Jeep Cherokee

VJ - 1949 through 1951 original 2WD Jeepster

ZJ - Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993 - 1998

MJ - Comanche - 1984-92 - compact pick-up

FC - Forward Control Jeep Van Trucks

FJ-3 and FJ-3A - Fleet Vans

FJ - Eagle Talon

WJ - Jeep Grand Cherokee 1999 - 2004

WK - Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005 -

SJ - Denotes the full size Grand Wagoneers and Trucks 1963 - 1993

XK - Jeep Commander

JK - Jeep Wrangler, 2007 - present

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