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Door speaker grill mod.

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Like most, I wanted to put some nice speakers in the MJ to replace what was left of the factory ones but, I did not want to hack up the speaker grills in the door. I looked around and compared speakers until I found the set that I wanted.

Infinity Kappa's 52.9i


I don't need speakers that thump, just ones that let you hear clear music. These fit the bill and will sound just fine un-amped and with the stock radio. Here's the catch. With the tweeter sticking out, they will hit, just barely, the speaker grill.



I figured I could add a spacer to the stock grill and give them just the space they need without losing the stock look. As this pic shows, you have a good 1/4 inch of post sticking out the back of the door panel.


I had an extra set of speaker grills so this is what I did

First remove the speaker grill by prying the retainers off the back.


Once I had them all off, I took two of the extra ones and cut out the grill part with a utility knife.


Using a small drill bit that will fit inside the post, I made a centering hole


Then find a bit that is just a tad bigger than the post


and drill through using the centering hole from the front side of the grill. You'll end up with this.


You may have to use the utility knife to trim off whats left of the post if they don't come off when drilled.

Now you can slide the spacer grill onto the good grille. Put them back to back for a flush look.


This spacer has given me a good 1/4 inch. :thumbsup:


Since the post are not long enough for the retaining clips anymore, I use some small screws with washers to re-attach them to the door panel.


Now you can put the door panel back on to test your fit. Mine was perfect and still retains the stock look.


I guess you could use other items to make the spacer. At first I though about maybe cutting a piece of wood and painting it but the extra grills worked out great. If you need more than a 1/4 inch then that would be a route to take. I'm also going to get a little larger washer for the back to help prevent them from pulling through. Also, make sure your screw is not too long and that you do not over torque them.


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Looks good and factroy. NICE idea.


BTW, your gonna LOVE the INFINITY speakers... I know I do!!!





Mine has 5.25 components up front and 4x6 plates in the rear. All driven by a Alpine head unit. Very satisfied with the sound quality.

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I'm waiting for my 4x6s to show up for the back. After listening to a lot of speakers I kept coming back to the infinity ones. I thought about the component set but :eek: they jump in price like three times as much. I'm a cheap b@stard. :D Was going to put the tweeter in the b-pillar where the interior lights are but then found a near perfect set of interior lights and decided to go the way I did.


I bought the 5 1/4s used(returns or display models) off of ebay from the best buy outlet and found a new set of the 4x6s on ebay for cheap. All together, I paid just under $80. :brows:


By the way, the best buy outlet on ebay has super deals on all kinds of stuff.



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Great write up! Last week I installed a set of Infinity 4" in the b-pillar spaces. I found them at a local boneyard in an old van. They were cheap but I took a chance on them and they sound great! I had to screw mine right in the center of the original brackets (a year or two ago I put a set of Alpines in the doors). No amp just a sony cd player to push them and I am finally happy with the sound. Not real loud, but a good quality sound.

Thanks again for sharing!

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