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bumper build

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yea, its kind of hard to see in the pics, but there is a 4x6 1/4" steel plate on each side where the stock bumper mounted. so you have those 8 bolts, the lower kickers going to the hitch, and both side brace pieces that go to the frame.

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i liked yours when i first saw it. i think the mj would look goodwith one. also i have been contemplating trimming my flares, care to give a helping hand? ( i want someone who knows what they are doing helping ;)

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the front bumper like the one in the pics is about 500.00 But they are custom made to order so you can make changes as you see fit. The two mounting plates for the rear bumper are just 1/4" steel laser cut with holes for the factory mounting points. Thats why i use the class III hitch to finish tieing it into the jeep. I'm not sure how the MJ rear bumpers attach.

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I REALLY like the design, but...


I'd lose the weld-on D rings. those are really only handy for hooks, and I hate the clanking/hitting something and screwing them up. plus it's nice to be able to use a clevis to just hook through the loop on the strap and put on.


aside from that, I'd either turn the heat up on the welds, or slow down the wire feed. there's a bit much weld on there. not that I'm questioning the quality of the weld, just commenting on the looks...I'm sure there's plenty of penetration there.


now, build a rear one for a comanche that ties in higher than the xj's rear hitch and bolts on in place of the MJ rear :P

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