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  1. Thanks for the tips. I had in my mind to rebuild the pack first since it would be the least expensive. If that doesn't work I will look into new springs. Ideally I shouldn't be riding around on the over load spring when the truck is only lightly loaded right?
  2. This is what my rear spring setup currently looks like. I have a glastite fiberglass topper which is somewhat heavy and a generator that I keep in my truck most of the time. I could stand to gain 2-3 inches of lift in the back or better. For the best results what do I need to do to my setup? Will adding a leaf or two be my best option to help out the springs? Would a new set of springs make a noticeable difference comparable to the cost? Right now my springs are maxed out correct? I am looking for ideas of what you guys would do to keep it flexy like MJs like it but help out the suspension the best as possible.
  3. The plow works great. Being cautious, deep snow is plowed half at a time. I would like to extend the upper bracket to extend further back on the frame for peace of mind. Snow adds up quick especially when it is wet (as opposed to powder). Just off idle gets it done though
  4. I had to remove my bumper, may throw the stocker back on to clean up the look. I also had to modify the bracket (not shown) to lower the blade components. Before the haters start, it just plows my driveway, at slow speeds.
  5. My first jeep was an 89 blue wagoneer. Still have it, maybe someday if the waggy ever kicks the bucket I will do the swap. Then again jeeps never die, they just get re-invented.
  6. Get some longer front control arms and skip the cutting.
  7. I found these that show it roughly mocked up. For what it is worth. It is the only one like it I have ever seen, but it is easy to build.
  8. Uncle of year award right there. :bowdown:. Do you need any more nephews? I can provide the MJ, just need someone to buy the parts :yes:
  9. The engine itself went in fairly easy. Fabbing some of the linkages and brackets at the time was the only real time consuming areas. There is alot more aftermarket parts now to make this swap easier. The radiator is a custom aluminum 2 core that is close to the factory 4.0 rad with dual electric fans. In the summer when it gets above 90 I have issues with overheating on the trail. This spring a bigger overall capacity radiator is going in. I used the stock manifolds, but opened them up to get them to flow as well as I could. I tried different block hugger headers, but couldn't find a set that fit mine without notching the frame, which wasn't worth it too me.
  10. Yeah I cut the body line on the side and back, and cut new side and back panels and burned them in. The glue between the sheetmetal and the bracing was a bear to seperate. I think it looks better being full length and not all the step ups of the store bought ones. The canopy is a Guidon Renegade 2.
  11. I have a new one in the box. However at this time I'm not sure I want to sell it. I know...then why even reply....sorry.
  12. I know I wish I had more pictures of the original projects. That bed of yours is primed and in the garage, i just need to get myself to drill out the broken bolts. This spring it will go on, and the jeep may get a new look.
  13. Makes me wish I had a tubing bender.
  14. A-piller lights. And a custom light bar. Mounts are done and functional, but need tweaking this spring when it's warm to look better. Hasty welding job :dunno: Where the A-piller lights are located they are right in the line of sight of the a-piller and not imparing vision. The roof lights are an XJ cargo rack. Not my original idea but inspired by a CC member. Here is how it is mounted, as to be removable for serious trails. The wiring is not complete in these pictures.
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