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  1. looking for a comanche for my son.

  2. Are these still available? I would like a few of these. Me and some buddys would like a set. They look easy to install.
  3. Who's going??? I'll be there! Hope to see others as well... :clapping:
  4. Does the intraweb thingy go everywhere?? I thought it was just in my neighbor hood... Al Gore really put alot of effort in to it.
  5. How do i get an avatar?? Everytime i select one it ssays the file size is too large.. What do I do to change that? :(
  6. http://WWW.IFWDA.ORG There is a link on the home page for 2011 convention. :clapping:
  7. We are starting an offroad club, And are looking for non-brand bias, family orienated trail riders to join our sport. About to have our first organized meeting and we are inviting you to join us. If you enjoy trail riding and offroading contact me for meeting details. email me or pm me http://southbend.craigslist.org/wan/2119168359.html :thumbsup:
  8. Thanks for all the input guys... It's just a Daily driver, but I've always like the look of the long arm 3 links. Since I won't wheel it I think I'll let my mad fab :clapping: skills run wild... I'll post some pics when the time comes. I still can't get pics to load, but maybe by then I'll have that figured out.. (better in the garage than on the pc) :thumbsup: But again, Thanks for the input
  9. I'm looking for anyone who had made them, not bought them. Just looking for some ideas..
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