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  1. :idea: and for you brakes. check the wire connecter under the dash @ the brake peddle
  2. top is hazard light relay bottom is blinker relay
  3. replace the flasher relay on the fuse box :thumbsup:
  4. Rock Auto Part numbers. for the Rear Part # 46004 for the Front Part # 46003
  5. The back half is the one from the Air Box. Part# 7151366 The front half that connects to the Valve Cover is part# 7151367
  6. The vec tree for the 90 is two parts it splits in half
  7. Try napa I got my replacement vacume tree there for my 90
  8. link; http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=28494&start=15
  9. mj Mike

    e-trade baby

    :rotfl2: lol that 405 freeway next to my house near LAX airport & i think i been stuck behind that granny before :yes:
  10. mj Mike

    Battlefield 2

    same for me! 3 jeeps & full time work. butt work has been slow for me so I started play BF2 alto, butt it is a big time consumer i play on PC with pandora
  11. mj Mike

    Battlefield 2

    this happens to me to on all most every server except Lawress area ! ... i also use the disk it says punkBuster hart beet stopped? or my ping is to hight?
  12. mj Mike

    Battlefield 2

    :hmm: any one play Battlefield 2 online? I mostly play on Lawress Area server. it's good fun! we should get a game going :typing:
  13. :idea: Rock Krawler: http://www.rockkrawler.com/?r_intro=1 Synergy Suspension: http://www.polyperformance.com/shop/Synergy-Suspension-Jeep-XJ-Front-4-Link-Long-Arm-Kit-Bolt-On-p-25563.html Full Traction: http://www.full-traction.com/detail.php?MODELID=4&MAKEID=1&TYPEID=1&PRODUCTID=98&NOTES=9,10 T&T customs: http://www.tntcustoms.com/Rock-Tek/4.5Suspension_Solution/Jeep_Cherokee_XJ.aspx :cheers:
  14. sorry that is very important V8! Ya i did a xj RE 3'' add a leaf, & it didn't give me the full 3'' lift but it's enough to fit 31's use the Dakota main leaf & it should give about what i got from the Rubicon Express add a leaf if not add more leaf's till it is the height you like = bastard pack
  15. Very Nice !!! :bowdown: what is the plans for the steering ? PSC pump & box ? steering pump brace ? track bar brace ?
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