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LED Dome Lights

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Ok I did my dome lights with a little twist.

I used L.E.D. light pads instead of a regular incandescent lamp.

Took about an hour start to finish.

Here is what you will need.

I already had the actual dome light package. I believe I got it from O'reily's, most auto parts store will likely have them.

I got the LED pads from Auto Zone for 14 dollars a piece.

-Phillips head screw driver for the lens.

-Scissors or some dykes to cut the wire.

-Lighter to strip the wires or wire strippers.

-Some electrical tape ( shrink tubing will also work )

-Some sort of knife or saw.


Alright, well the light pads have a "Try Me" feature, and have a little 12 volt battery pack in the package as well. ( Keep these for neat little projects later on )

You need to cut these off


They have plugs on the ends of them, I didn't use them so I cut them off


Next, use the pre-existing wire that went from the light pad to the battery, and connect them together, also cutting the connectors off of those.


Next, I cut the part where the original bulb went in at so it was flush on the back.


After you have done that, use the sticky pad on the back of the light pad and stick to the inside of the Dome Light housing itself after removing the lens, and run your wires out the back.


Put your lens back on and you have your finished product.


I had to figure out what wires were what in the truck itself, and splice them into the new lights, Mount and you are done




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Looks like that window rubs on the top/bottom. I just changed out my origional, and my new one rubs the headliner and plactic below. :fs1:


Nope doesnt rub at all.

The reason the top looks like that is because it is a new custom made headliner.

The bottom looks that way because I have a covered piece of wood to mount my stereo back there and look nice an clean, it just barely overlaps it tho.

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I have not gotten that far yet either (tried double face tape, it fell off) but I am planning on removing the B pillar trim (need to anyways to put my headliner back in after I reupholster it) and epoxying some 1/8" ABS sheet across the back of the hole. I figure I should be able to bore the right size hole in it afterwards and then a few small screws will hold it in.

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I have everything except the dome light package... I don't understand how you drill it in... Where do I drill into? My stock light just kinda pop out. No drilling needed. Also the wires in the back... Which ones do I use?


Thanks everyone.

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