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  1. i appreciate the interest, but i would prefer not to "part it" I need the truck gone, it would not take much to get it running again.
  2. hey bo might call on you about some info, started working my rat nest, 88 MJ, 88 T-Bird, 00 XJ.
  3. Like it, I have one installed on my 88.
  4. 90MJext


    Year, Make, Model. 1988 Jeep Comanche Sport Truck 2wd Image, if available will post later Engine / Trans / Transfercase / Front axle / Rear axle / Wheelbase currently 2.5 / 4spd / 8.8 / short bed Build date: (its on the driverside door sticker, in the form of month and year) will post later Current Location: Region will do, state, and area of state. North Georgia Status: Is it still on the road, is it in the junkyard? Project awaiting work? awaiting 2.3 turbo / auto, rebuilt front axle, 2000 Cherokee seats Notes: Anything that makes this comanche different from the rest. Skid plates, plows, lights, bumpers, weird factory options... Would also be a good place to note the exterior color, and the interior color and combination, IE, Bench or buckets, Vinyl or cloth, column shift or floor shift. 89 Wagoneer header, bed light, red in color (faded), grey interior, originally bench seats (cloth) Current owner: Well, you know. Put down who has it, the yard its in, or anything of that sort. 90MJext
  5. Started prepping engine and tranny for removal. Hopefully it will be out tomorrow if the weather cooperates.
  6. If you have to resort to lethal force, do not shoot to injury shoot to terminate. if you injury you will more than likely be sued and lose and you will have to take care of the dirtbag for the rest of his/her life.
  7. finished changing out the '88 doors for '00 cherokee, cut out the passenger rubber flooring found water and surface rust, letting it air dry.
  8. Does anyone have the pinout diagram or know where i can locate it? I searched but only found pinouts for the trans (auto). I'm working on an 88, 4cyl 4spd.
  9. Bought a '89 Sport truck new, 4cyl 5 spd. Let my (ex)wife talk me into trading it for a Pathfinder. I said if I ever found another one, it would not get sold, traded, etc...
  10. removed rear end (35), cleaned spring for 8.8. Sprayed entire frame with degreaser to pressure wash again.
  11. while taking a diesel class, the instructor showed us a trick by finding a screw that matches the hole in the crank and grinding the head down until it matches the bearing.
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