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  1. Well i had 343 V8 found turned out to be a 290, I already have a 290 so wasn't interested in another right now. Found another 343 in Rockford. so i am trying to plan out and setup a time for picking it up. lost out on the AMC-20 but i think i have found another AMC-20. the floor repair the PO did turned out was just tinning over the old floor, Found a 22" x 11" area on the drivers side all rotted out ! so i am going to need a total floor pan kit i believe its 2pc kit cover the whole floor area. It was around $350-$450 any know where that can be purchased ? Can the engine harness be rem
  2. Still ain't got blinkers ! but i only need to drive it another week and than this truck is all done. Time to pull it off the road and rip it all apart. going to restore the body and interior and upgrade the whole power train. Mike
  3. your out or low on fluid, If your fluid is full and clean ? its dying soon it'll be 2nd 3rd and reverse. time for an AX-4 ! Mike
  4. Thanks for the tip! As soon as I get off work with daylight left, I will be doing this. Currently, driving truck as is. It is only going to be on the road until the end of the month. Then, hoping to start on this AMC V8 re-power. Once I start that, the truck will most likely get a re-wire. Sounds like that may be what it needs Mike
  5. Parts list: 2 brand new flasher stat 2 brand new 20amp fuses(checked several times) brand new turn signal switch with wiring harness 8 brand new light bulbs Truck status Turn on headlight switch, all bulbs light. Step on brake pedal, all brake lights work. Pull back on blinker switch, high beams come on. Pull back again, high beams go off. Pull out hazard/flasher knob, all 4 corners blink. Push down for left turn signal, nothing happens. Same for right turn signal. No noise, no flash, no lights. This is where I am at now. I've downloaded your manual, and will be taking a loo
  6. As stated earlier, switch harness, bulbs, and fuses have been replaced! I've tried everything I can think of! Getting more and more frustrated! H E L P ! ! ! Mike
  7. If it is a grounding issues, wouldn't the other functions that operate the same bulbs and filaments also NOT function? Unless, 3 functions have separated grounds, I do see how it could be grounding? On a side note, the AMX is coming alng slwly, and in about a week here, I will be picking up the Comanche's 343 AMC V8! [/img] Here is a pic of fuse panel. [/img] Diagram Mike
  8. Lost my turn signals! Then, lost my brake lights and flashers. Put in a new fuse, and brake lights and flashers worked again. But, still no blinkers. So, I bought a new blinker switch, changed all the bulbs, and STILL NO BLINKERS!!! Both flashers are brand new. Brake lights work, flashers work, on all, running lights, JUST NO BLINKERS!!! Has anyone else had this problem? What else can I do to get the $%&*# blinkers to work?? Now, the high beams are stuck on! Can't dim them. Any ideas??? Mike
  9. When that happens mine oughta sell for $2000 easily :cheers: Mike
  10. "New Vendors 5spd transmission"? Do you mean New Venture? That would mean he has a new engine with an NVG3550 transmission, which is the tranny used in the 2000 and 2001 XJ and the 1999 and newer Wrangler 4.0L Jeeps. It's a much nicer (and slightly stronger) transmission than the AX-15. The tranny alone probably cost him $3 grand. If the body is in good condition, you're probably looking at a $5,000+ truck. I know y'all are having a collective heart attack over the notion of a $5,000 MJ, but go out and price a low mileage Ranger or S10 (or one with a completely renovated drive train) a
  11. :eek: like I said well beyond my means ;) I will ask him if I can take some photos and post them, Its NOT my truck so I am leary of taking and posting photos of it. Definitely seems to of been built/setup for towing. Mike
  12. I guess I will have to ask even more questions Truck was built by JnL 4wd in Sun Prairie. Drive train was bought NOT removed from another Jeep. It has NOT been driven in winter, Typically parked Mid October and brought out Mid May. Its been driven in some rainy and muddy conditions. I did pull the floor mats back floor looked solid and sound but was coated with bed liner, I did the same with box too. I told him I thought the truck was nice but well beyond my means. His response was "Well its NOT technically for sale but if the right offer came up I might send it on its way"
  13. I didn't take any pics of it wasn't my truck to do so, Well $2-3K is well beyond my means. I'm NOT to thrilled with Jeeps that have Chrysler logos any way. Thanks guys Mike
  14. I found a gentleman in town with a 1992 Comanche Shortbed 4wd. Its a sporty looking trailer towing beast of a truck. Info: 195hp 4.0L I6 crate engine. New Vendors 5spd transmission. New process transfer case. Dana 44's front an rear with 4.10s. LT245/75R16E Firestone MTs on 16" Jeep wheels. Metric ton springs. Roll bar with lights. Chrome trim. Brush guard on front. HD hitch bumper on rear. Fancy 7round n 4flat light hook up. Truck is bright metallic red and has black bedliner inside the box and on floor pans. HID head light conversion, and LED light bulbs through out the
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