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  1. cool mutt, good luck fitting him in your MJ :D
  2. here is one of the better bench swaps that i've seen. http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=17196
  3. :thumbsup: Can't wait for to share those experiences with my 3 boys (it'l be a few years though).
  4. no, but i fitted XJ covers to somewhat fit my MJ :D
  5. nice, but how many MJ's does one man need?
  6. I guess the world has its own way of balancing things out. The weak get eaten by the strong, the fat cat dies of cholesterol, icebergs melt and islands sink, and the tribes laugh at the idiots at the casinos…
  7. I heard that our Olympian’s (USA) jerseys, although designed by an American, were made in China.
  8. Let us know when/if you part-it-out. itll be a DD/toy, don't wanna blow that kinda money right off the bat lol test drove a 00 ZR2 today, smooth power yet got to 85 quick, smooth cushy ride, just not digging the eletronic activated 4wd. ive added $$ up everything ive put into the mj and :ack: :ack: going to have to find the right buyer lol built 44's/ RK 3 link (verly large portion of cost) custom rear driveshaft banks torque tube SYE and 2 low masterpull superline winch winch bumper tires IPF lights ARB compressor red top optima custom brown dog offroad motor b
  9. Interesting to comment on a technicality of the printed info. Its not like the funds are gonna get diverted. Here is the local humane society. http://www.thurstoncountyhumanesociety. ... fault.aspx Located in Olympia (steamboat island), considered Thurston county's humane society, therefore a ...shall we say "chapter" of washinton states humane society. …just trying to offer some clarification. But since you found it so interesting - All the “Humane Society’s” are independent non-profits and some are more worthy than others, in regards to support. Some of us, who are accustomed to gi
  10. can't answer any of your questions, but i do look forwarrd to seeing picsa when completed. Get busy.
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