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    What in the hell....
  2. Used to work at a movie theater.... in the ghetto (but it has the nicest seats in WA- recliner lazy boy love seats :thumbsup: ). Talk about hell. With the new seats, it cut the seating capacity by at least 1/3 in every theater. And since it has the nicest seats around, EVERYBODY wants to watch a movie there. Movies would sell out for the day by 7 AM. Can't count how many times I got cussed at because people showed up late and A) the movie was sold out B) they were in a hurry and I was taking too long C) they couldn't find seats together or some combination of the above. My favorite question I
  3. NAPA finally pulled through for me. Piston will be in tomorrow. Thank you!
  4. Don't hurt yourself just for me. ;) If I can't find it elsewhere, I will certainly let you know.
  5. Hey guys, hopefully you guys can save me from waiting to get a piston shipped here since they're special order. Does anybody have ONE piston for a 4.0? Last piston to go back in has a broken skirt and it's killing me. Located in Puyallup, but willing to drive a ways.
  6. Never thought that an entirely bedlinered truck could look good. But, you proved the impossible. Might be easier to do that spray can the whole thing. I'll have to give it a shot. :thumbsup:
  7. Post a good high watt bulb........I've blown out a couple sets already. 55/65 blues work well.....but then I have other lights too that fill in the shadows.........so........ Sounds like Hella or PIAA high-wattage are the go-to.
  8. I have researched this quite a bit, but have yet to get the funds to make the upgrade. So, take my opinion with a very large grain of salt. :) From what I've found, e-code is absolutely the way to go. Granted, it's not DOT-approved, but neither are HID swaps, and e-codes are MUCH safer for other drivers if done right. The cut-off, light pattern, and clarity appear to be bar-none. As far as housings, Hellas seem to be the go-to for everybody. After researching Cibie, they seem to be THE top of the line, that hides behind the scenes for true lighting enthusiasts to pick up. So, I would go with:
  9. Success!! Bottle jack between axle and frame rail did the trick
  10. it should drop considerably with the shocks and sway bar disconnected. You may need to unhook the track bar at the axle end. I'll give that a shot. What about disconnecting the springs? Seems a little excessive, though.
  11. Been at this for a good 2 hours now. Got the shocks disconnected and the sway bar unbolted, and that gained me about an inch. :hmm: What else??
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