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Fixing your stock spare tire carrier

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I have several write-ups on how-to's. Should they go on this thread or is there some other place they belong? Sorry still new to this and don't wanna get beetch-slapped again.


BTW - WTH is 'DIY'?? :???:

Ok, the word was yes put em right here so...


I didnt ask Pete if i'm supposed to change the subject or not. Well I learn everything by doing it wrong first. I copied this from the old MJ group [which I still prefer over this one but thats jus me].


My '86 had a busted spare tire winch crank which I replaced with a junkyard one

but my '89 is also busted and there are no MJ's to be had in the junkyards

around here so I just repaired it. Usually its just a broken cable mere inches

from the end. Easy fix - here's some pics and info if anyones interested...


First, grind off the end of the rivets on the winch housing...

Image Not Found


Then knock them out and remove the plate to make sure the cable is wound


Image Not Found


Replace the cover and bolt it together with four 1/4" x 2" bolts..

Image Not Found


If yer lucky enough to still have the cable end - great, but I didnt so I just

used a u-bolt cuz its easy to get thru the centerhole of the spare wheel...

Image Not Found


Bolt the winch back up and as you can see theres still plenty of slack left...

Image Not Found


The u-bolt [aka exhaust clamp] is plenty strong to keep the spare up but I still

ended up putting the flange on and nuts finger tight just to make sure. [not

pictured] until I find an end for it...

Image Not Found


Done. Thats a 31" spare and a 3" lift so you know the thing works and is still

long enough. Got the tire out of my bed anyway..

Image Not Found

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Ok, mine was broke too. I really liked your write up.


I used a drill to pop the rivets on mine though, really quick. I usually have problems popping rivets.


I got a question, what is holding your tire up? In those pictures the U bolt is not large enough to stop the tire. I must be visually missing something here..


I used a large P bolt. It’s about 5in long, diameter of a wheel stud. I connected it through one of the 5 bolt holes on the Rim. But I would like it centered, I suppose a large U bolt would work, I just can’t figure out how your U bolt works.

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I don't understand the purpose of repairing something that is just going to fail again.


that said, the u-bolt looks pretty chintzy considering you took all that work to fix the unit. why don't you use a piece of flat stock, or just use the factory piece.

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