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  1. Ignoring the extra supports that Cherokees don't have, the transmission crossmember is held on to the uniframe rail with two bolts and two studs. Does anybody know if these studs are removeable, or if they are welded in?
  2. mvusse


    If BigD was Don Alexander, yes, I knew him back in the old JeepSkool days, more than 10 years ago. I also bought a few left over MJ parts from him after he got the YJ. (And him trying to drown his MJ in "mini tank trap" was probably mostly my fault) Sorry for your loss.
  3. I do not believe any 242 ever came with a 21 spline input. IIRC the 87-90 4.0 XJ Select Trac used s different transfer case. But my memory has failed me before...
  4. Well, $#!&. Have been on this site very little the past year, and completely missed this thread until today. RIP Don, you are missed!
  5. Even though the military is how my daughter ended up down there in Georgia, that is all in the past. But I will not be hauling my trailer to GA after all. We found a deal too good to pass up here in Ohio and my girlfriend has a new to her car. Pete, thank you very much for the offer, but it is no longer needed. -Marcel
  6. If nobody else responds I might still take you up on that. Many many thanks!
  7. We (girlfriend and I) are headed to Columbus, Georgia from Oct 15 through Oct 23 to visit my daughter and do some tourist things. Plan is to drag my 18 foot trailer with us, and bring back a car for my girlfriend. I really don't want to haul that trailer with me everywhere we go, and there is no room near my daughter's place to park it. Is there anybody on here near Columbus or between Columbus and Atlanta that would let me park my trailer at their place from Oct 16 through 21?
  8. Chico! I'm still here. Old Comanche is gone. Current one is same year with the serial number only 9 off. Added a couple XJs to the stable as well.
  9. I may have one for the cost of shipping from 44680. But post a picture of the back end (5th gear end) of your shaft. There are two styles, and swapping 5th gear from one style to the other can be a bear. I do not believe the spare shaft I have has the 5th gear stuff on it, so you'd have to swap it over. I should have a matching counter shaft also in case you need it because along with the different back end, there is a gear difference in 2nd and 3rd gear.
  10. For an all around highway/offroad tire I would recommend Goodyear, either MTR with Kevlar, or Duratrac.
  11. mvusse

    SWB Topper?

    I have one and am willing to trade, if you're willing to drive here (Strasburg, OH).
  12. Actually, I'm pretty sure the lower "frame rails" on a Comanche are much taller than on a Cherokee in that area.
  13. That first one is hard to tell from this angle, but might be a Dana 44. Available with the towing package, Metric Tonne package, or separately as "heavy duty rear axle". The second one is definitely a Dana 35.
  14. The split is partway through the 96 model year. My early 96 XJ came with 27 spline shafts. The 96 parts XJ I bought was produced a couple months later and had 29 spline shafts as well as a different plug on the crank position sensor.
  15. Wow, that is definitely not the pristine body anymore that I remember from last time I wheeled with you. You really need to come down to Stillwell some time.
  16. I might possibly be in, but most likely not. And I'd be wheeling an XJ.
  17. I did some sight seeing in WV two years ago on the way back from delivering the remains of one of my MJs. Even towing an empty trailer was no fun on WV back roads. Don't know how bad something like that would be out west, though, as I've never been there. And I even has the advantage of mostly knowing those back roads from many many white water rafting trips when I was younger. Girlfriend had never been there, though.
  18. mvusse

    Bed Liner

    I got one for a long bed in Strasburg, OH. Free if you come get it.
  19. I have never seen 10x2 or 10x2.5 brakes, just 10x1.75 and 9x2.5. Were they metric tonne or police package specific or so?
  20. When wheeling I go through close to 10 gallons in a day, covering 10-20 miles... Wooded trails and rocky ravines in Ohio.
  21. My longbed was a Pioneer, including the hockey stick stripes on the side. All the badges were there (Pioneer, 4x4, 4.0 Litre), but no body side molding, nor do I think it ever had any. Then again, my Pioneer was somewhat of an oddball (like all gauges instead of dummy lights).
  22. I work a weird schedule, and every week is different. But if you can give me two weeks notice I can be sure to have a day off when you're planning to come up.
  23. I got one you can have for free in Strasburg, OH if you want it. I'll give you a camper shell with it too if you want.
  24. When I was 18 I took a car airborne across an intersection, THROUGH a telephone pole, and then minus the rear axle across the road into the the left side ditch. 6 people in the car including myself, nobody wore their seat belt, no injuries other than a bloody nose. (The car was a different story). I figure I will only ever hit the jackpot once in my life, and that was it. I have been wearing it religiously ever since.
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