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My front bumper thread.

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I've been a bad CC'er, and have 3 unanswered emails asking about my ft bumper. :fool: (to me)




I had to cut out the ft part of my crossmember to fit the winch (uncut in pic):


This was the website I got the bumper from (dead link now :( )

http://www.wnccustomjeeps.com/pages/wha ... oducts.htm


Dave, at WNC built it for me (35XJ on Jeeps Unlimited: http://www.jeepsunlimited.com/forums/member.php?u=16498


This is the condition I got it in (horrible camera, sorry):


Then I played with D-ring location till I found where I wanted them:


eventually I settled on these locations:


Dave sent me a ton of pics of other customer's bumpers, so I could decide on options (if i wanted a bar, bumper width, stickout, etc).

Some others of this design built by Dave at WNC:




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Dave made this bumper in Feb 2004, so it's a little tough to pull everything out of my memory,

but IIRC he made it out of a single sheet of 3/16", with 1/4" mounts.


The side plates bolt to the 'frame', and then the plates bolt to the bumper.

Some people don't like that it has support bolts in shear like that, but I don't see it as a problem.

I like the design, since I have no idea how I'd mount the whole thing in one piece, and it makes the depth adjustable, depending on where you drill the holes in the bumper/plates.


Here's the rest of the pics Dave sent me:


Jeep #1


Jeep #2


Jeep #3


Jeep #4


I opted out of the shackle plates, so I could use the D-rings, but they were std equipment on most of the other bumpers Dave built.

It was built for a feet forward M8000 style winch, and that's the winch I ended up getting for it.



I'm looking around for install & mounting bracket pics

but I didn't have the greatest camera back in 04'.



Hopefully this was what btm24, akamcbird & case5412 were looking for. :cheers:

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