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cheap axle seal

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i don`t know if the 'correct term' is seal,dust sheild ,or what, but I mean that tiny black plastic ring around your axle that fits into the housing to keep dirt and crud out of the axle tube. when I replaced the axle joints in the rally truck I noticed mine were fubarred and had let loads of gravel and dirt inside the tube. Then while doing some plumbing I got a brainfart......
this is a 2x1-1/4 reducer fitting,PVC schedule 40.
it fits a D30 axle shaft perfectly and the taper in the fitting matches the taper of the axle shaft....

it fits snug against the tube when the wheel bearing and axle nut are installed,and even if it is too tight, it will wear with use.

I ran these for the entire season and no failures , total cost, 4 bucks

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hornbrod, on 03 Mar 2013 - 20:45, said:

The server is either down or is history. Probably the latter.




ftpiercecracker1, on 03 Mar 2013 - 21:31, said:


its because he hosts his photos on facebook,

they are still there but facebook changes there http links every now and then

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I remember this. What he did was think outside the box and came up with something between these:





... and the factory debris cover:




... by using one of these: http://www.menards.com/main/p-1716008.htm




Kind of a neat idea, but I would think that over time they would start to rattle around and let things pass. Better than nothing though!

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Nothing is what I had when I replaced the u joint ...I got a National #471765 seal, installed in the axle end, like said, better than nothing,


Figured it would keep the birds and mice out ... good to have the image, I wasn't sure what to look for.


Thanks, Neohic.

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I know this is pretty old, but I felt it necessary to update this thread. I bought exactly what the OP suggested from my local hardware/plumbing store. The people that work there are extremely knowledgeable and it says right on the rim 2"x1-1/4" PVC reducer fitting, schedule 40 but the fit isn't even close.


OD is much to big to fit inside axle tube and ID is much to big for shaft. There is at least an 1/8th gap between the shaft and coupling.


The test axle is a 99 XJ D30, if that matters.


I will be investigating this further and will report back with my findings.




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A solution has been found!


OP was on the right track with a reducer. His measurements represent the dimensions of the shaft and the tube, the problem is you can't use those measurements as to what reducer/coupling you need, since plumbing/tubing use some wacking non standard measuring system to organize their parts.


A 1.5"x1" SCH 40 reducer fitting is in fact what you need. My store has two different kinds, one with a hex shoulder and one with a smooth shoulder. You want the fitting with the smooth shoulder. The shoulder portion of the fitting is what fits snuggly in the axle tube. The inner diameter is still a few thousands to big, but should be adequate for keeping a good portion of crap out.


I paid $1 for two fittings.


I will upload pictures once I have them installed.




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