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  1. i had a friend who did something similar on a 2 door xj years back.. he wanted removable doors so he got some wrangler hinges and welded them to the fender and door :shake:
  2. i hardly watch the tube either except during football season, but i do have a major weakness for sons of anarchy.. its the only show i actually will make time to watch, have since the first season.. wheeler dealers and top gear were fun too, but i cancelled the cable a while back so all i get now is the free channels
  3. yeah.. the most memorable time was when i was up in new hamsphire for the day, and after driving 2 hours back home to rhode island promptly realized upon getting out of the truck that my house keys were still up at the cabin :wall: she was running a little rough that day but i gave her a little pep talk and she made the 4 hour trip again without issue
  4. saw one on storage wars today! parked in the background
  5. WBKrazy

    Craftsman tools

    not a huge fan of the craftsman ratchets, i don't really like the square handle and it seems like every time I'm using the one i have i manage to flip the tighten/loosen selector in the opposite direction mid-turn. i also have some of their wrenches and the open ends flex whenever i try to use them. snap-on is uber expensive, but i rarely have a problem with any of the snap-on stuff i have excepting the screwdrivers, the phillips head ones seem to strip out fast. plus being a mechanic by trade all the tools i buy are tax-deductible so i see some of that money back at years end. most everything i use for work is snap-on, with the exception of my impact guns (ingersoll) impact sockets (mostly s-k and sunex) and screwdrivers (a lil bit of every brand imaginable in that drawer).
  6. most of my driving is highway and backroads, not a lot of stop and go stuff.. daily driver: 98 honda civic lx 4 door 1.6 (not a vtec) automatic with 240k miles, completely stock with the original motor and trans (fluid in the trans changed a couple times over the life of the car, my dad drove it from a year old until he gave it to me) and i always change the engine oil at 3k, i use castrol 10w30 in it.. and sitting on 14 in. factory steelie wheels with almost new 185/65 bridgestone insignia tires - gets between 29 and 32 mpg. the truck: 95 chevy K1500 ext. cab, 350 4x4 automatic with a leer fiberglass cap, has a 14 bolt rear (9.5, not the full-floater) from a 3/4 ton suburban with 3.42 gears.. motor has roughly 200k on it, trans has 40k. body has 350k and it shows :shake: . has a 3in. summit racing dual exhaust, 265/75/16 kumho road venture at tires on the factory alloys, and the air cleaner lid flipped upside down for better airflow. oil was changed in the front and rear diffs about a year ago, and i always change the engine oil at 3k, i use 15w40 mobil delvac oil and baldwin filters. gets 12-15 mpgs regularly, and once on a trip from rhode island to maine in august it got close to 18. the mj (when it ran): 88 2wd shortbed 2.5 ax4 d35 3.55 gears with 116k, completely stock except for a set of zj canyons with no-name 225/75/15 street radials. i ran delvac 15w40 in that too, always changed at 3k. got between 18 - 20 mpgs. ive yet to finish the 4.0 4x4 swap so i have no numbers for that.
  7. love that show! mike is kind of a pill, but edd is really funny to listen to.. little known fact for those that also watch top gear, if youve seen the episode where they race the double decker cars, edd built those as well... if you look at the wiki page they have a list of all the cars theyve done and whether they made money or not..
  8. I've had good luck with fords, my familys had 2 club wagon vans, an 88 and a 94, and they both had the rear seat that folded out into a bed.. The 88 was a regular club wagon, and the 94 had the chateau package with all the options..
  9. there are some very valid points in this thread... however, until washington grows a spine nothing will happen about it.. BOTH lefties and righties are for illegals, but for different reasons.. hell, it was reagan that granted the first wave of amnesty for them. a lot of people crow on about liberals but seem to have forgotten that. democratic politicians want illegals here so they can feel good about helping the poor unwashed masses (and exploit the cheap labor) and conservative politicians want illegals here to exploit the cheap labor, and they both need to keep the businesses who bought them a seat in congress happy. so a little lip service gets paid to the issue around election time, and illegals will be a problem until we can get some congressmen who won't be bought.. and if you think thats gonna happen any time soon, i got 2 oceanfront lots on mars i'll give you a real good deal on..
  10. i had an '87 ranger with a 2.9 and an automatic for a while, it was pretty good to me.. the early 2.9's were known for overheating and cracking the heads, but in 89 they redesigned the heads and beefed them up in the problem areas.. IIRC, the casting number for the better heads is "89TM". there's a bunch of stuff you can do to the motor, common things are swapping in an 86-87 throttle body (the older ones are much larger), or with a bit or creativeness one from a 5.0 can be bolted on.. you can also put the mustang injectors in it, and they can also be converted from speed density to mass airflow..
  11. X2 on the heat factor... i rode from RI to PA in an xj with no carpets, and it seemed like every 10-15 minutes i had to hold my feet up off the floor for a little bit.... if it's a trail rig where there's a good chance the interior is gonna get mud and water in it, i'd leave the carpet out for ease of cleaning, but other than that i would leave it in.
  12. WBKrazy

    what's a Comanche

    when they say that tell 'em "well go buy it then and stop wastin' my time!" :rotf:
  13. ive actually been running carquest brake pads and rotors for a while now.... no noise to speak of and they don't throw a lot of dust....
  14. ah yes, that is the extremely rare and hard to find BPS (bumper position sensor)... just kidding, it is a TPS.... someone probably dropped that down there after they replaced it
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