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  1. when i was in colledge i had a charging problem on my f150, borrowed my teachers snap on multimeter to try and find the problem, set multimeter on truck of car next to my truck went under the hood, never noticed the car drove away...
  2. 81 chev truck, was talkin to my buddy and he said he needed new doors for his, mine had 2 new doors bought it at that moment for 250$. so about 5 mins
  3. did you change your track ber? if not than you either need to get a longer one or relocate it because its probably too short now
  4. trucker for the Canadian armed forces
  5. okay thanks for clearin that up, i couldnt remember lol, youd think i should know that being a firefighter and all....
  6. halon is illegal to own in canada now i beliieve, wither illegal to own or to buy i can't remember
  7. i hate you all, i pay 230$ a month for basic insurance on my dd 01 taurus lol
  8. freakjeep93


    thats funny i can change a alternator in my f150 in like 10 mins lol
  9. in new brunswick its some where around 100$(been awile since i registered anything) but the killer for me is insurance, 230$ a month kinda sucks
  10. same i know older 4 cyl auto xjs had 4:56s i had the rear end to one but scrapped it like a dumbass
  11. what do these have for drive trains? sounds like a blast!
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