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  1. Shows that it was posted 29 days ago. If it's still for sale, I would offer $300 to start and go maybe 500 max if it really is rust free.
  2. Read the topic Cruiser's Mostly Renix Tips in DIY Projects and Tech Writeupshttp://comancheclub.com/topic/48463-cruisers-mostly-renix-tips/ You will find lots of good information there.
  3. A guy knocks on your door offering to buy your Comanche even though its on jackstands and the front axle is out.
  4. I tore out the two brake lines running to the rear and the height sensing valve too. I am going to block off the lower port at the combination block and just run one line to the rear axle. Picked up all the fittings and brake line at Autozone today then spent 5 very frustrating hours this afternoon trying to get just one good inverted brake flare! I practiced on some scrap line then some new line thinking the old line was brittle. I could not get a single one that was centered. This is the kind of tool I was using. I remembered seeing a really nice flaring tool on the Eastwood site and also found the same one on ebay for under $200. So tonight I pulled the trigger and ordered this really nice brake flaring tool. I will have to wait a few days but I'm sure it will be worth it! My son and I have other projects we could use it on. He just bought a 1986 Toyota MR2 in good shape.
  5. It's been almost a full year since I've updated my progress. I replaced the carrier bearings, wheel bearings and seals on my D35. I also replaced the emergency brake cables and some of the drum brake hardware.
  6. Saw this on Craiglist and was wondering if this could be a metric ton truck. I can see some sort of badge on the tailgate but the picture is too grainy to see clearly. http://brownsville.en.craigslist.org/cto/4508965846.html
  7. I'm in Falfurrias but I have a 91 4x4 4.0 5 speed. I'm not sure how much would be the same but you are welcome to come look or I can take a few pictures of mine to send you. I'm in the middle of cleaning up my rear springs and doing a brake job on the rear axle. My axle is on the workbench right now but I should have it together in a couple of weeks. Let me know. We need pictures of your MJ! . :MJ 1: . Running or not!
  8. I replaced the rivets with nuts, bolts and lock washers. One trick I used was to use duct tape on both sides of the window running up off the top so that I had a secure grip on the window as I removed it from the window frame. You will have to remove the front guide bolts and front guide/vent window to make it easier.
  9. These are after I cleaned up the leaves and added a new long add a leaf to the packs. They are now about an inch taller than before. I added two spacer nuts so that they would locate into the bottom spring pads better. The single nylon locking nut barely fit into the hole.
  10. The drivers side locating hole was wallowed out and you could tell it was not installed correctly. It actually was bolted down out of place which later allowed it to move around, I welded up the sides a bit then carefully ground out the hole with a carbide burr to fit my new pin bolts.
  11. It looked like an add a leaf was installed along with the block.
  12. These blocks were in between the leaves when I bought the truck. I don't know what the PO was thinking when he did this!
  13. Well I have finally had some time to work on my Comanche again. I wanted to redo the spring packs and remove the blocks that were stupidly placed in between the leaves.
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