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  1. dfreeman616

    Jeep officially announces new pickup

    For what it's worth, I'm currently a chrysler dealer tech, one of the other techs has a friend who has personally worked on the wrangler truck but of course he won't say a damn thing. something about not wanting to risk his job? hahah.
  2. dfreeman616

    Guess who's back bizniches...

    Hello again
  3. dfreeman616

    Ol' Jimbo Tied The Knot.

  4. dfreeman616

    Ford Exp?

    yes it is efi and 5 speed, the angle threw me off with the hatch glass for yours.
  5. dfreeman616

    Ford Exp?

    mnkyboy, looks like 82/83? i know they're mostly the same as an escort, but there are some parts that are specific to EXP/LN7 lines that I'll be looking for. That is, if I fix it up. I'm hoping its not too far gone from long neglect :(
  6. dfreeman616

    Ford Exp?

    I thought I saw someone on here list some Ford EXPs in their signature, but can't remember who. I have one I'll be getting soon, so if anyone can point me in the right direction for an EXP version of CC, I'd appreciate it. I found expln7.com, but anything else would be great. If anyone wants the story on "my" EXP, here's my intro post over on expln7:
  7. dfreeman616

    This Guy Should Be Ashamed........

    also on a local forum to me, http://www.greatlakes4x4.com/showthread.php?t=267719 and he's getting a bit more chatter there. for 950, i'd be much more interested in pete's 2 jeeps.
  8. dfreeman616

    Zj Review

    anybody catch the strongbad reference at the end?
  9. dfreeman616

    Big Ton 4X4 '86 Comanche In S/e Michigan: Sold

    so for 400 with the amc rear, what tires come with it?
  10. dfreeman616

    Big Ton 4X4 '86 Comanche In S/e Michigan: Sold

    so is that 250 total or 150 + 250 for the amc rear?
  11. dfreeman616

    Big Ton 4X4 '86 Comanche In S/e Michigan: Sold

    so no dash or anything in the interior?