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  1. wow, very clean, like unreal clean for such an old jeep, haha, we all know how most old jeeps look :) but really congrats on the top 5 and congrats on the true awesomeness of your MJ man, keep it coming.
  2. ill try and do that soon, but as for now I'm just happy to have a running vehicle again.
  3. i replaced the bottle and it runs way better, no more coolant dump. well bottle and cap, found a good one at the JY, great condition. Modern automobiles NEED a thermostat to run properly. Many people simply don't understand that the purpose of the thermostat is to keep the temperature UP, not down. A properly-functioning radiator and cooling system are capable of keeping the temperature well below the temperature needed for optimum combustion -- in fact, often below the minimum temperature for the electronics to switch over to to closed loop operation, meaning the system is reading and reacting to all sensor inputs. For the Renix-vintage Jeeps, that switch-over takes place at somewhere between 170 and 180 degrees F (I used to know more exactly, but I haven't thought about it for a long time). Removing the thermostat could have you running in open loop mode all the time. The vehicle will run ... but it will be always running on a pre-mapped air/fuel curve that's far richer than optimum for an engine at normal operating temperature, and the fuel mileage will suck. Removing the thermostat is NOT a fix -- it's a temporary bandaid that just masks the symptoms of an underlying problem. my fuel milage is amazing... like for real, its better then my buddys 4 cyl ranger...
  4. i aint got it no more, i took it back out and tossed it, i was frustrated, upset, angry, sad... lots of not good emotions at the time...
  5. it only overheated after i added the thermostat. before that i had no problems whatsoever. drove to hilton head, SC and back from Grovetown, GA. and she went fine the whole time.
  6. just do that over and over and it should stop eventually or once all the air is out?
  7. i would just like to bleed it to be careful you know...
  8. thank you guys. went to the JY and found a good bottle. much better then my current one. so i grabbed it, gonna try it tomorrow. anyone have a pic by pic of how to do the bleed thing?
  9. ok here's how it went, took off housing and there was no thermostat in, so i put one in, the one the auto store gave me, filled with water and drove, drove fine till on the way home. heard a pop sound, not a loud one like a motor component blowing but a little pop, and i saw steam pouring from hood. so i pulled over and opened hood. steam shooting out of reservoir. reservoir cap popped off. got towed home so not to take any risks, when the tow truck came he started it to go up the tow ramp and no issues occured. got home, and took thermostat out. resealed properly, let dry over night, and then next morning filled it with coolant. let run for a min or two. then turned off and topped off resevoir with coolant. drove back to auto store to show my friend my truck. when we walked out coolant was all over the ground. opened hood and it was coming out from either the bottom of the tank or from the line that connect to the port on the bottom of the tank. tank= reservoir. reservoir was empty. filled with water to get back home. got home and have not started her since. before i put the thermostat in she ran fine, i didnt know that mj's ran at 210 normally so i thought i was running hot. i do not have a temp gauge i just have that dumb warning light that tells you once its too late, but it never came on. i don't think its head gasket because no milky oil, no leaks from the block at all, none in the back or front, or sides. only from either the tank or that line. no smoke on starts, no smoke at all from tailpipe. no difficulty starting, or running. just dumping coolant out of the reservoir. i was thinking maybe it is the cap for the reservoir. I'm thinking that the thermostat was restricting to much flow and the pressure built up and the only place to go was back through the reservoir, and since the cap shot off, I'm thinking that it will no longer hold pressure like it used to. and thus it is dumping the coolant. but thats just my thoughts. what yall think?
  10. but with a blown head gasket wouldnt i have milky oil or the leak coming from the block? the only leaking is from the reservoir.
  11. so my mj felt like it was running hot, ended up it wasnt, but yeah, so it felt like it was and so i went to change the thermostat, when i took off the housing, there was no thermostat in it at all, so i put one in and sealed it up, let it all dry over night and crap, then i drove with water in it. on the way home it started steaming like crazy and i pulled over. so i took the thermostat back out cause it wasnt letting enough coolant through. now it sealed back up and perfect, no leaks from the housing or the block or the water pump or anything, but the reservoir at the top side of the hood near the passanger side just pours coolant. filled it all up today, let it run and suck the coolant in to the rad and everything, then topped it off, went to parts store and when i came out coolant all over the ground from the reservoir, no coolant will stay in at all, but why? it didnt do this before it overheated that day after adding thermostat. now its back like it was and this is happening...?
  12. really don't want to get rid of mary, i love her... i know its wierd but shut up. she has given me an outlet for when i was angry or depressed, she has taken me farther then any ofther vehicle, she has destroyed others thoughts about what she couldnt do... if anyone has any ideas please read the shoutbox and help if you can...
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