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  1. Jeep gods must of been looking down on me. I found a header panel on craigslist the very next day I posted on this thread.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I will keep the search going.
  3. I have been doing some research on finding a header panel to fit my 89 Comanche. But the only one I can find is on crown automotive part#83506616. But all the reviews are horrible. Does anyone have any tips for a successful search?
  4. Does anyone know what year WJ lower control arms to purchases that will fit a Comanche? 89 4.0 stock
  5. Is there anyway you would know the size of the retaining nut the neutral safety switch? PS awesome job on the truck.
  6. Sorry to bust in on this thread but does anyone know the size of the retaining nut on a neutral safety switch? 89 4.0
  7. Does anybody know the size of the nut that goes on a neutral safety switch?

  8. So I'm Back it's been awhile. Just wanted to say thank you for the replies. It turn out to be a disconnected return line on the fuel pump inside the tank. It ran great for almost two years until a blown head. Almost done with that. JEEP ON
  9. Right on. So I guess its time to drop the tank. If anybody has anything to look out for while dropping the tank suggestions are welcome.
  10. Ok I replaced that line on the map sensor and there was no change, I rechecked the fuel pressure and I'm still around 24 psi. But when I take off the vacuum line off the regulator pressure doesn't go up. Could this mean bad regulator or still just a weak pump?
  11. Thanks again for the tips. I will be testing the regulator tomorrow. This site is great. It really is a jeep thing.
  12. Thanks for the info. Everything seems good on those quick checks. Good to know to rule some other things out. If you have any ideas hit me back. And I'm still trying to get the right psi on the fuel pressure.
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