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  1. hitman72

    What Do You Guys Think?

    I have a friend who is looking at this. I just have no idea where they stand in price. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/4213794810.html
  2. hitman72

    Running Rough In The Morning

    just trying to breath some life into this old thread. I am still experiencing the same high idle problems. thanks
  3. hitman72

    Internal Slave Blew Up

    I am sure you have checked but mine stopped working one day when i forgot to top off the clutch fluid (I have a slow leak) and I grabbed a bubble of air. Once bleed it can fine.
  4. hitman72

    Floating Gears

    Great video, but it had my head hurt. lol :hmm:
  5. What are your guys thought on floating gears (shifting without using the clutch). I have gotten to the point that I can do it with little or no problem. I don't do it often, just every once in a while when I get board driving. What do you guys think the good, bad and, ugly are?
  6. hitman72

    One Way To Do It.

    I should note that from the angle of the pic you can't tell that the piece of wood is not cut at 90 degree angles. It was sitting at about a 7 degree list
  7. hitman72

    One Way To Do It.

    100% OSHA approved
  8. hitman72

    Bad Gas Mileage

    Just my 2 cents, check your air cleaner. Bought my truck and did not check it before buying it (yes i know very stupid of me), drove it home and got horrible mileage. Scared me really bad haha. Opened up the air box to find out that the PO put to much oil in the engine. VC has a plow off rose that runs to the air box. My air filter looked like a sponge. Changed it, cleaned the throttle body, and C-foamed the engine, getting good mileage now.
  9. hitman72

    Bad Gas Mileage

    So if you unhook the vacuum canister you do in fact have to "recharge" the system? How is this done? sorry for the thread jack.
  10. hitman72

    Dana 44 Carrier Bolt

    found that little plastic piece. well i should say i found two lol. Half had broken off in the end of the breather hose and the other was half was so covered over with dirt that i could not find it. hope tomorrow to have a new one and be on the road. thanks.
  11. hitman72

    Dana 44 Carrier Bolt

    ok I was just checking as from your pic earlier of the "4 way" block that that had the vent on the top. I wiil continue the search then, haha. thanks.
  12. hitman72

    Dana 44 Carrier Bolt

    And yes once the leaks are stopped i will be cleaning the axle thoroughly lol.
  13. hitman72

    Dana 44 Carrier Bolt

    this is what i found. The vent hose itself was attached to bed frame but was not connected to the axle. Is this a PO think or am not getting the idea haha. :hmm:
  14. hitman72

    Dana 44 Carrier Bolt

    I was just looking at mine and it looks like on mine, it is on the driver side with the soft break line coming in from the back (where is looks like your is from the front) and the hose coming off the top is vent? Thank you.
  15. hitman72

    Dana 44 Carrier Bolt

    Hornbrod, do you happen to have a picture of what you drilled out for the vent? Thank you.