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  1. Would you happen to have a parking brake assembly handy?
  2. Congratulations Mike, Happy Birthday to old Blue!
  3. Congratulations Don! A proud moment indeed!
  4. X2 Love the Wagoneer grille, lights, header assembly.
  5. Sorry guys couldn't resist... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DaVjAmWEDw
  6. That incident was so prevalent in the day, it is hard for me to imagine what kind of idiot would think ripping off 4X4 folks would not yield harsh consequences. :hmm:
  7. Oh man remember the Charlie Wenzell thread on pirate? :rotf: This will not end well for Danny-Boy.
  8. RIP, I knew his health must not have been great when he sold off a big part of his Jeep Collection recently.
  9. Glad you are OK Rob, and I hope you get all you deserve. Many years ago I had a totaled classic Datsun 510 and will never forget the haggling. My mistake was concentrating on the vehicle rather than my well being. The achilles heel of an insurance settlement is always ones health. If they have to pay a large settlement to make you right certainly a small amount from that settlement can make your Jeep right.
  10. Order placed March 24, delivered exactly as ordered March 31 Verdict: They still seem to be a good company to me, I will order from them gain.
  11. Was said in response to the last of the MJ's being able to be ordered/equipped with whatever the hell you damn well please remark.............. the D44 and power window/locks options weren't available after '91 into '92. Please don't spread misinformation. The D44 was still available after '90, and I am almost positive that so were P/W / P/L's... A quick check of my '92 Jeep dealer podium shows the D44 / Metric Ton package. We've seen H.O. models with and D44's. Even shortbed D44's with the offroad package or just because. I couldn't dig deep enough to find the P/W / P/L's, but I am almost positive. Might have been a goofy dealer add-on, or something they didn't promote because of cost, but may have been available on an order sheet. Rob -----Original Message----- From: customerassist <customerassist@chrysler.com> To: jestrada <jestrada@aol.com> Sent: Mon, Nov 12, 2007 10:12 am Subject: Re: Chrysler LLC Customer Assistance (KMM5271037I25261L0KM) Dear Joe: Thank you for your email to the Jeep Customer Assistance Center regarding your 1991 Jeep Comanche. According to our records, your vehicle (VIN: 1J7FJ66S7ML594221) was equipped from the factory with the following: *Q7 - Cloth Low-Back Bucket Seats -SA - Charcoal ADAA - Light Group ADL - Skid Plate Group AHL - Heavy Duty Insulation Group ALR - ST Value Group APAS - Monotone Paint ARMA - Radio AM/FM Cassette BAFP - 130 Amp Alternator BCDP - 500 Amp Maintenance Free Battery BGAS - Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes CACP - Low Back Bucket Seats CDBP - Reclining Front Seats CKAP - Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area CUFA - Full Length Floor Console DBBC - All Manual Transmissions DDQ - 5-Speed Manual Transmission DHNS - Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System DJHS - Dana M30/181MM Front Axle DMMS - 3.07 Axle Ratio DRKP - Dana 44/226MM Rear Axle DSA - Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle ERH - 4.0L Power Tech I-6 Engine GACS - Tinted Glass Windows GBBS - Tinted Windshield Glass GCBS - Front Door Tinted Glass GEC - Front Left Side Sliding Window GFDP - Rear Sliding Window GNCP - Sun Visors w/Illum Vanity Mirrors GRZP - Left Remote Mirror GSZP - Right Remote Control Mirror GTZA - Manual Remote Mirrors HAA - Air Conditioning HGDP - Deluxe Insulation Group JAYP - Instrument Cluster w/Tach JCAS - 85 MPH Primary Speedometer JGBP - Digital Clock JHAA - Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers JJAP - Cigar Lighter K2BP - STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/COLOR K27P - STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING K3XS - STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/COLOR LAJP - Headlamps On Warning Chimes LAPS - Shift Indicator Warning Lamp LBBP - Courtesy Lamps LBCS - Glove Box Lamp LBDP - Ash Tray Lamp LBEP - Cigar Lighter LDAP - Underhood Lamp LHDP - Headlamp Off Time Delay LMAS - Halogen Headlamps LNJP - Fog Lamps MBJP - Black Front Bumper MB1S - Black Front Bumper MCAP - Front Bumper Guards MDAP - Front License Plate Bracket MFKP - Body Color Grille MHAP - Black Windshield Moldings MMCS - Upper Door Frame Moldings MMGS - Belt Moldings MMKP - Body Color Drip Trough Molding NAAS - Federal Emissions NBKS - EVAP Control System NF2S - 18.5 Gallon Fuel Tank NHM - Speed Control PX8 - Black Clear Coat QX8S - Black Clear Coat RAAC - All Radio Equipped Vehicles RAFA - AM/FM Cassette Radio RCDP - 4 Speakers SBAP - Power Rack and Pinion Steering SCGP - Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel SFAS - Standard Duty Shock Absorbers SGAS - Rear Shock Absorbers SUAA - Tilt Steering Column TBB - Full Size Spare Tire TBMS - Tire Carrier Winch TRNA - P225/75R15 OWL Wrangler AT Tires TZAP - Goodyear Brand Tires WJHP - 15X7 Aluminum Wheels WLZC - All Aluminum Wheels XBSS - Pickup Box YAAS - Build To U S Market Specifications YGEA - 5 Additional Gallons of Gas Z01P - Rear Spring Group I Z5AS - GVW/Payload Rating Z66P - Left Front Group XV Z82P - Right Front Spring Group XI 1AAS - U.S. Dealer Retail 143S - Zone 43-Pittsburgh 3V5A - Customer Preferred Discount 4EA - Sold Vehicle Our corporate owner information database has been updated to reflect the name/address change in your email. We did not have you listed as the owner of this vehicle. This will allow the post-office to deliver your mail to the correct address. Also, if your vehicle is involved in a future factory recall campaign, you will be notified promptly by mail. So that our records may be correct and up-to-date, please provide the following information: Secondary phone number Date of purchase Mileage at time of purchase Where purchased: Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Dealer, Other Dealer, Individual If I can be of any further assistance please let me know. Thank you again for your email. Sincerely, Vivian Senior Staff Representative Chrysler Customer Assistance Center For any future communications related to this email, please refer to the following information: REFERENCE NUMBER: 16923767 EMAIL CASE NUMBER: 1868803 REPLY LINK: http://www.chrysler.com/wccs/brand_forms/us/reply.jsp?trk_ID=KMM5271037I25261L0KM& Original Message Follows: ------------------------
  12. Very nice camera Mike, I think MP matters mostly to folks that use software editors like Aperture. I can do amazing things with bad photos taken with high MP cameras.
  13. For Smartphones it is tough to brat the Nokia Pureview on its camera merits with 41 MP. For a digital camera the olympus XZ2 is tough to beat at $299. http://www.cnet.com/videos/nokia-808-pureview-with-41-mp-camera/ http://www.cnet.com/products/olympus-stylus-xz-2-black/ At $700 for the Nokia, I have the Olympus and my old iPhone 4.
  14. Folks, I just ordered from TeamCherokee, I have been doing business with them for the last 10 years. I know others have had some recently bad experiences with them so I will update the group on how this transaction worked out. Sorry for the "holy old thread resurrection" but I did not want to flood this site with yet another thread that is related to so many others.
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