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  1. MJRemi


    A Mexican in Connecticut? Isn't there a Bing Crosby Christmas movie with that title? Oh wait, that's the remake with George Lopez.
  2. I have one I was going to install but I have sold all my Comanches. I'll sell it for $100 and will include an aluminum external slave cylinder. Shipping costs will be extra. PM me if interested and include your address so I can calculate the shipping. I can PM you pics if requested. Remi
  3. MJRemi

    Relay Cover

    PM sent.
  4. The 2.5 in your signature has a AX5.
  5. I have a full set of Gorilla brand lug nuts, brand new, never installed. PM me if you want a very good deal. Remi
  6. Hey John, I still have it and other than running some errands, I'm usually home. Call anytime. Mark
  7. I have some smaller items I'm willing to ship. Prices do not include shipping, as each item will be determined based on final destination. (6) Mustang #19 4-hole injectors. Professionally refurbished but never installed by me. $40 SOLD Factory clock unit from '86 MJ. Pulled from non-running parts truck. $10 Black leather 3-spoke steering wheel. VG condition but no horn components, just the steering wheel. $20 SOLD (2) exterior B-pillar vent covers. One with small crack on edge. $10 (1) pair of MJ tail lights. P/S good condition, D/S has a chip. $30 SOLD (1) pair tan MJ sun visors. $10 (1) pair tan XJ sun visors. $10 (2) AX15 shift levers. $10 ea. 1 SOLD AX15 bellhousing (external slave type). $75 Aluminum external slave. $20 PM me if you have interest / questions. Remi
  8. MJRemi

    I hate jeeps

    Tired of Jeep? Then how 'bout a Range Rover pickup truck for sale on Craigslist: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/cto/4956331878.html
  9. MJRemi

    I saw Jesus!

    I always wondered why illustrations and films portrayed Jesus as Caucasian when, obviously, he's of Hispanic decent. :doh:
  10. Hey Chandler, I don't think there's another language involved. I think the seller has spelling issues. I just have to question the authenticity of the 1-100 Al Unser Comanches mostly due to the fact that the members here on CC are basically EXPERTS on anything Comanche related and no one has heard of this series of 88 Comanches until now. I suppose it's possible but not very probable.
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