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  1. zackcj7

    HP 44 and Ford 9 inch swap

    Your current HP 30 and 8.8 can handle 35s. Doesn't seem like much of an upgrade for the time and money.
  2. zackcj7

    WTB 4x4 Mini Console

    Dirty matches my Jeep, I'll take it! PM me and we can PayPal and all that. How about $30 plus shipping? PM me your address and i'll get a shipping quote. It's pretty light so it shouldn't be very much.
  3. zackcj7

    WTB 4x4 Mini Console

    This is what I have. Is it what you are looking for? I pulled it from a 4x4 auto MJ. It's a little dirty, but in good shape.
  4. zackcj7

    WTB 4x4 Mini Console

    Sorry for the delay. Haven't logged in lately. I'll dig it out of the garage and send you more details sometime this weekend.
  5. zackcj7

    WTB 4x4 Mini Console

    Column shift or floor shift automatic? I have a grey one for a column shift auto. Complete with shifter.
  6. I used Herculiner on my old CJ7 and would not use the product again. I didn't have any problems with it holding up. But as mikekaz1 wrote it is extremely rough and hard to keep clean.
  7. zackcj7

    U-Haul trailer vs. MJ

    Worked great towing the longbed. No issues.
  8. zackcj7

    Toyota transmission

    The AX15 and R150F can be interchanged with a little work to the input shaft. Same with an AX5 and a G54.
  9. zackcj7

    U-Haul trailer vs. MJ

    Tow vehicle is a F250 4x4 with a 7.5L. Surely that will meet the requirements.
  10. zackcj7

    U-Haul trailer vs. MJ

    Has anyone used one of the U-Haul car hauler trailers to tow an MJ? More specifically a longbed with 31 x 10.50s. Will it fit? I need to move my MJ to a friends house while my house is up for sale. My MJ is not registered or insured currently so driving it is not an option.
  11. I have a Dana 30 with 3.55 gears you can have if you come pick it up in North GA. It's a low pinion model though.
  12. zackcj7

    3 weeks in Mcdonough, Ga

    Jailhouse Brewing is in Hampton, which is pretty close to McDonough. They have some really good beers and they give tours with tastings. https://www.jailhousebrewing.com/
  13. zackcj7

    so I've screwed up my computer... again...

    What operating system?