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  1. 1989 Jeep Comanche Sportruck 4.0, auto, Dana 30/35 Build date: Current Location: Tomball, TX Status: Runs and drives, registered as antique vehicle in Texas. Notes: Converting to 4x4, front axle swap is complete but still has 2wd trans. Originally black with maroon interior and bench seat. Currently runs a fuel cell in the bed. Current owner: Me
  2. That pic is from May, but I believe Crystal Beach fared pretty well in the storm. Over here in Houston is a different story, still tons of cleanup happening with mountains of debris piled up along a lot of streets.
  3. Finally got rid of the dummy gauges. Found a great deal on eBay on a set of full gauges. Pretty easy swap once you get the right sensors.
  4. Did the door hinge mod to have removable doors for Go Topless Day in Crystal Beach Texas earlier this year. I've taken the MJ there the past two years and have been the only one out there with 20k other Jeeps on the beach. Our group at Go Topless Day 2017
  5. Been a while since I posted, wanted to give an update as I'm still building and driving this Jeep. Finished the D30 swap earlier this year, just havent had a chance to post all of the pics. LCA Brackets welded on Primer New ball joints, bushings, paint 2wd beam axle removed! D30 installed. This was a PITA to do by myself. Lots of ratchet straps and jack maneuvers to get everything lined up and bolted back to together. This was my first time doing an axle swap, so I learned a lot in this process.
  6. Picked up a d30 from a 99 XJ to start rebuilding for the swap Has a bent LCA mount but otherwise in great shape All torn down and cleaned up New LCA mounts from Artec Industries. Need to get these burned on.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Parking lamps would make sense, they blow the fuse after being on for around 15 mins. I never really drive it at night so it's been low on my list. The weird thing is everything seems to work, including parking lamps, when the double green wire is removed. The lights did look a bit dim though. I'll have to do some more testing.
  8. What does the double green ring terminal wire go to and/or control? I've been having a huge parasitic draw and finally tracked it down to that wire. I removed it from the relay and it magically fixed a couple issues I've been having. Mainly no more draw and the motor shuts off instantly with the key instead of running for a couple seconds.
  9. a member made and sold those shirts on eBay for a while. I'm not sure if he still is. I should have bought several when I did cause it's my favorite shirt and it's starting to look it. Thanks, I'll see if I can find one. Great build btw!
  10. Where did you find that comanche shirt? It's awesome!
  11. Look for rust under the carpet if you can. Check for any weird wiring by the previous owner. I'm sure someone else will chime in with much more input.
  12. Whoops, I lied when I said I had done Tip 6, I meant I had done Tip 1. Started on Tip 6 today. I got the split loom removed and found where I need to solder. While I was waiting for my buddy to bring over his soldering iron I decided to try and start it and IT STARTED! I guess wiggling the wires again helped out. Went ahead and finished Tip 6 and everything is back to normal. I really should have done all of these tips at the beginning...like everyone says to do...am now kicking myself. Thanks again for all of your help man!
  13. I did tip 5 with my meter set to 20ohm range and it was reading 6.7 (this seems high if I want it close to 0). Wiggling the various harnesses had no change. Went ahead and did tip 6 again too. Replaced CPS for the hell of it...just to rule it out for the future. Still no start. Thank you for all of your help so far.
  14. I used your tip to adjust the TPS down to 17% output. Fuse on the TCM under the dash looks good. Unplugged and replugged, it was clean. Still no start. I guess it's time to test the CPS? It'll get to that when the ground dries up, we had floods all day today down here.
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