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  1. how hot is the engine? ive had 92s do that when they over heat. with idiot lights i guess its hard to tell. maybe pop hood and let cool down?
  2. i guess maybe i wasnt specific.. sorry. i have a running and driving 90 that has an ho motor in it with a renix ecu. hard starting tho. trying to figure out why but not solving it. i have a 92 comanche i have been slowly pulling parts from. it still has the complete wiring harness ecu dash everything. i plan to pull dashes from both jeeps and swap interiors. ( 1 is grey one is red. i like the grey more) at the same time i am putting in ac. now being that everything will be apart thats the time to swap ecus and wireing if.... its worth it. otherwise i won't bother. otherwise ill just leave the renix alone. but i would like better starting and a cleaner wiring system..
  3. so ive looked and looked and i haven"t found much info. so i finally did my ho swap... but its in a 1990 renix. now I'm sure many of you know renix wiring leaves alot to be desired.... now i have a 1992 comanche complete... minus alot of stuff... but the full wiring is there. is it worth swaping harneses over from the renix to the 92? yes i know its alot. I'm also planning on installign ac that will be coming out of the 92.. so dash and everything will be apart so thats the time to do it. i have everything i need. but is it worth it? i have a starting issue i can't seem to nail down either... thoughts?
  4. Ok so uptdate i pulled the ho out and slaped in another renix 4.0 i have runs perfact. So whatever the problem is or was is in the engine itself not the wiring.
  5. On ecu plug 15 pin connector, number 3 on left row is ground, pin 7 on right row is tps input, pin 15 on right row is tps 5 volt supply. Testing pin 3 to 7 shows 2mohm resistance. Testing pin 3 to pin 15 shows no connection, infinite resistance indicating no connection. 0 continuity. That's best I can describe it. I'm not sure how to upload pics. But I found the fuel injection manual for jeep renix engines. So I have been going through it to get a better understanding of what everything does. And how the sensors react to help the ecu.
  6. Lol sorry when i first set the tps i had proper voltages. And readings. Then i had to pull the intake off and replace the intake gasket with the proper one. Had to change the intake out for a different one because the old one was cracked. After putting the new intake on. I reset the tps. But the refference voltage was 4.82 instead of 5. Test ran any way. It sounded like the ecu wasnt getting proper readings from the temp sensors. So i pulled the plug from the ecu. And was checking the readings from sensors. I then checked resistance and continuity from the tps. At the ecu plug i had a high resistence from the ground to input signal. Wich makes sense given throttle was closed i then checked ground to refference line i had an infinate reading. Meaning no connection. I then check continuity on those same line. I have no connection. From the ecu plug to the tps on the reference line out. If that makes sense. I'm figuring moving wires around might have broken one or more.
  7. 3 flat from tps. Then i was checking at ecu plug
  8. Checked and replaced. Altho when i was setting the tps. It had 4.82v coming from ecu. I was checking comtonuity and resistance readings from temp sensors at ecu plug decided for giggles check out reading from tps. I have return reading to ground but no supply from ecu going to tps. I'm wondering now if there is broken wires in the harness
  9. I think I'm going to cry. I pulled the intake off. Put in the proper gasket. Put it all back together. Now its flooding bad. Checked wires sensors. Everything is good. I did find a crack in the intake so had to replace it. I don't know what to check. And i don't want to take it to a local dealer. Because frankly i don't think they have a clue about these trucks anymore.
  10. Ya i pulled the intake off last night. Way different. I'm not sure how i missed it. Going to get a new renix gasket sent over today
  11. Orange and black wire is dash lights. But feed from running lights. Mine has a relay under the driverside dash that kicks on exterior running lights. If you pulled the dash out there could be a pinched wire somewhere.
  12. Ok so the only thing i did wrong was the intake gasket i used the one for the ho not the renix. Mmm. Also worth noting i have to ho exaust system on it. But intake has been gorund in the correct plases already. I know its not the problem it was on the old renix for six months prior and never had an issue. I'm going to pull the intake off and double check the gaskets . I set the time exactly how they say. Not exactly my first time working with engines. Lol ill see how it goes
  13. Sorry. I use renix flywheel but ho intake gasket. I did compare them before putting it toger. they looked the same but i could be sucking in air if they arent the same. Didnt even cross my mind till now actually.
  14. Ok so sorry if there is a page on this already. I tried looking i couldn't find anything. Here is my problem tho. I have a 1989 jeep comanche. I love this thing wouldn't trade it for the world. It's 400000 k on it. So being that the engine is high mileage I decided time for an upgrade. Rings were starting to go it was having trouble starting so i thought. It was time. I have a 4.oho sitting around I thought might be worth to throw it instead of another 4.0. So I rebuilt the ho new bearing new rings new pistons. Head was redone. It got the works. Slapped it into the truck. Now it idle like a bag. And refuses to rev up. Just pops and backfires. I have checked the timing to make sure the cam is good. It's where it's supposed to be. It's got new o2. New distributor. New cap rotor plugs. New map. New tps. New fuel pressure regulator new ecu. New injectors. New temp sensors. I double checked all grounds. Removed them cleaned them and reinstalled even added an extra ground for measure. I am and at Los as to what could be causing my problem. It still has the renix system in it. I do have to system for the engine but don't want to pull it but I will if I have to. Also the engine is out of a 92 both 5sp standards. I did the research from what I could tell the block is the same just heads and sensors are different. I put removed the 92 sensors and installed the 89 sensors. So everything should work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Google the crap out of it. Seems it's an issue but no one has a solution.
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