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  1. Makes sense to me.I think this guy was full of hot air. who would be stupid enough to cross thread a plug into a cast iron head anyway? you'd have to crank pretty hard to do that.
  2. thanks lots. I'll crawl in there and see what's up
  3. Don't know what renix means sorry no idiot lights actual dials and needles. yes it has a tach this isan '89
  4. so before I go climbing around with a shop light...am I looking for a wire connection on the oilsending unit or a hose? :oops:
  5. Where is the sending unit for the water temp guage and also for the oil press. gauge? Neither of mine are working but I don't know whether it's the guage or the sending unit or disconnected wire/hose?? :dunno:
  6. har de har har! I've turned down $2000 3 times already. :rotf:
  7. brian

    what's a Comanche

    Am I the only one or are there others out there who have tried to sell a comanche as a specialty truck for comanche enthusiasts only but been inundated with calls from jerks who've never seen much less owned a comanche? Then they come out to test drive it and wonder why it should be worth a little more than any old small pickup. The common phrase is ' heck I can buy a (insert any other make truck here) for less than this" When I tell 'em this is worth a little more because it is a comanche they look at me like I have 2 heads! :mad: :shake:
  8. NEW BLOCK!!!!!???? :ack: Why would the thresds be stripped in the first place. I NEVER change the plugs. :hmm:
  9. funny you should mention bovine excrement... I DID smell something but, as always ,I just assumed it was me :D Good advice and pretty much what I expected Thanks kids
  10. Ok..ok.. so you're right I shouldn't call my Jeep stupid. I was just venting. (this excuse never works when I vent at my wife either) I'll modify my statement (before I modify my hinges) STUPID people who built Comanche!!! :fs1: What kind of engineer designs and installs an upper hinge like the one on the Comanche??!! Thanks for the input and especially for the link. after reading that little fixit guide my get a bigger hammer approach to fixing a problem doesn't look so bad. Why not bolt it on in the 1st place! Anybody want my truck? After 10 years of this...I've had enough
  11. Some guy looking at my rig noticed a miss in the idle and pointed out to me that one of my plugs was actually wiggling while the engine ran. He claimed this is a common issue with Comanches and that It could blow out and shoot rigth through the hood like a rocket! I stopped the engine and sure enought the darn thing was loose and I could turn it by hand! This guy claimed thais was a serious deal and even if I put new plugs in and make sure they are tight it wil deteriorate to a condition where the plugs start blowing out of the head. I tried to determine what the !!!! he was talking about .I asked if he meant the threads in the head were shot or what but all I got was jibberish out of heim from then on. So Is ther such an issue common to some engines? Or should I ignore this new threat of impending doom and just tighten my plugs and drive? :dunno:
  12. When I bought my recent Comanche the drivers door hinge was loose and someone had stuck a shim in there to stabilize it. Now the passenger hinge is coming loose. They are disconnecting from the body as if they wer not attached well in the first place. I see no bolts to tighten just a poorly done weld and some caulking. I'm NOT awelder but it looks to me that it might be a little tricky to do any welding there. Assuming this is common what have others done? any tricks I should know. Stupid Jeep! :fs1:
  13. No.. just regular bolts. I can't believe I didn't tighten them but maybe it was a brain infarction. I've done some stupid things before. I'll be keeping an eye on them for a while.just in case...
  14. Here's the answer to my puzzle I got another new starter shipped to me. couldn't quite get it to fit into the mounting hole. So I got to looking around and discovered the upper mounting bolts that hold the bell housing to the engine were Gone!! the two lower bolts were still there and tight but the metal plate between the engine and bell housing had shifted slightly from the torgue of the engine. So, the old starter had been moved so close to the flywheel that the bendix gear couldn't engage.That's why I could hear the starter spinning but not engaging the flywheel. The other result of the bell housing being slightly out of alignment was the sensor mounted at the top of the housing was now misreading the flywheel position..that's why the engine died. I had originally thought the engine died due to a bad fuel filter or contaminated gas and that the starter went bad co-incidentaly at the same time. But I knew the odds of that happening were long. So.. mystery solved....engine died and stater would not turn engine over all at the same time. I wonder who the bonehead was who didn't tighten the bolts when the tranny was installed last time....oh wait ..that would be me! :doh: Anyway it runs real nice again but now I have an extra starter. :dunce:
  15. I'm still waiting for a new starter to arrive. The company I bought the last one from is sending another free of charge. I guess I'll install it and if it cranks the engine I'll see if the new fuel filter did the trick. :dunno:
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