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Relocation of Renix 4.0 vacuum canister

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I bought a new front bumper that is marketed for an XJ for my MJ build. Of course, the vacuum canister "ball" that was mounted in the passenger side of my stock front bumper had to be relocated. The XJ specific instructions, which appear to be for a well optioned XJ with cruise and A/C, would have me reroute most of my vacuum tubing and put the canister right about where my washer fluid reservoir lives ahead of the master cylinder on the driver's inner fender. This was more relocation than I was in the mood for, so I looked for an alternate location.


Since my 89 Base Comanche still has the Renix era cooling system puke tank located on the passenger firewall, it looked like there was plenty of room to mount the vacuum canister under the puke tank, so I removed the bracket, painted it with some rust inhibitor and drilled a couple of holes to secure the vacuum canister.




After remounting the bracket and puke tank, I connected the vacuum lines and patted myself on the back for a job well done.





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Out of sheer curiosity, say someone's vacuum canister wasn't all there, like it had gotten into the tire and had a giant hole rubbed through it, would that cause major issues like stalling and a poorly running vehicle? because it looks like that is what happened on my 87 4.0. 

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