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  1. What's a 1 Ton Dana 44 axle? They used to use D44s and such in 1-ton trucks. But that was a long time ago. And probably not what he's talking about. Metric Ton D44 rear??? Correct. My Bad.
  2. I have one in my JK. The installation wasn't too bad and it worked OK for a few years, but not so much now. I'm thinking of replacing it. In the MJ, I'll probably go with a Cobra 29 something or a Uniden and mount it under the dash with a 3' fFirestick on the driver's front fender. HPIM1564 by Mel Lester Jr., on Flickr
  3. SOA lift on 1 Ton Dana 44 axle with JK Rubicon Wheels and Tires at NorthRidge 4x4 in Silverdale, Washington. Will add details when I update the build thread.
  4. Congratulations, I appreciate your postings and willingness to share your experiences and knowledge. -meljr
  5. Congrats for staying with it and your tenatious diagnostic skills.
  6. Congratulations on your great skills and what a nice Jeep stable. This recognition is well deserved. -meljr
  7. I think I can do this. Would be interested in camping in my teardrop. -meljr
  8. :agree: good point with respect to the Liberty. Hardly ever see one wheeled, however. -meljr
  9. This is a write up of an easy do-it-yourself project that should not take more than 1 or 2 hours to complete. In fact, it took me longer to document it here than to do the project. I seem to be doing a number of electrical modifications lately and auto electrical systems have always seemed like one of the dark arts to me. Maybe that is because of all the English Sports Cars I have owned had (have) Lucas electrical systems. After all, they don't call Sir Lucas the "Prince of Darkness" for nothing and do you know why the Brits drink warm beer? Its because they all have Lucas refrigerator
  10. It was pretty much bolt on and done. having to come up with a solution for mounting the license plate was harder than installing the bumper. Everything lined up as it should and slid into place. I'm not crazy about it, but it is certainly functional. -meljr
  11. Well, we had 8 inches of snow yesterday and today is clear and in the 50F range. The reflective tailgate JEEP stickers I bought from Spencer, sure do light up at night. My back ordered IPF fog lights came in yesterday, so perhaps I can get motivated this weekend and get them installed.
  12. A late season snow storm Monday night (it's now Friday and the power is still out) gave me the opportunity to use the stock 4WD extensively commuting 55 miles each way this week. It seems to work well and all other systems including the lights, brakes, wipers and heater work fine also. I have a vibration around 55MPH in 2WD, but it is nothing like death wobble, but I'll have to look into that when the snow melts. Overall, I am fairly pleased. -meljr
  13. Sweet! I was trying to imagine what this would look like, now I know.
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